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Keith Weiner Speaks at Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Last month Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner spoke on a panel at the prestigious 2023 Dubai Precious Metals Conference. As the world grapples with record inflation and escalating debt concerns, Keith presented a new narrative for the role of gold in international finance. Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of the DMCC covered the conference […]

Will Argentina have a Milei Moment?

Who Is Javier Milei?

Jeff Deist, Daniel Lacalle, and the expert panel focus on the rise of Javier Milei, a libertarian economist, running for president in Argentina. Milei is portrayed as a figure who understands the complexities of Argentina’s economic challenges and advocates for drastic measures such as dollarization and fiscal adjustments. Is Argentina about to have a Milei […]

Is Dollar Supremacy Over?

Is Dollar Supremacy Over?

Join Jeff Deist and his guests as they delve into the future of the US dollar and its position as the world’s reserve currency. With discussions on the potential challenges from the Russian and Chinese perspectives, the risks of the dollar’s dominance, and the emergence of alternative currency arrangements, this episode explores the complexities and […]

Is the BRICS Currency Real or Hype?

Is the BRICS Currency Real or Hype?

In this episode of Debased, host Jeff Deist, EJ Antonio, and David Waugh, discuss the proposed BRICS currency. Is it real or hype? They delve into the mechanics, economics, and geopolitics of creating a gold-backed currency among the BRICS nations, which could potentially challenge the US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. Connect with […]

Ep 50 – Brent Johnson: Has the Dollar Milkshake Spilled or Just Begun?

Ep 50 - Brent Johnson: Has the Dollar Milkshake Spilled or Just Begun?

Is the dollar heading to new heights or new lows? Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital joins the Gold Exchange Podcast LIVE in New Orleans! Listen to Brent discuss the historic rise of the DXY, the effects on (d)emerging markets, and how he sees a currency and sovereign debt crisis playing out. Will Powell be able […]

Ep 49 – Larry Lepard: Fighting the Broken Monetary System

Ep 49 - Lawrence Lepard: Fighting the Broken Monetary System

Fix the money, fix the world! Larry Lepard, Managing Partner at Equity Management Associates and vocal sound money advocate, joins the Gold Exchange Podcast LIVE in New Orleans! Listen to Ben and Larry discuss the Fed’s doom loop, the dollar parabola problem, and what investors might consider as their monetary escape hatch. Connect with Larry […]

Ep 33 – Legal Tender, Alternative Currencies, and the Federal Reserve with Larry Hilton

Larry Hilton

In this episode, Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner interviews President of United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) Larry Hilton. Larry was instrumental in passing various legal tender laws across the country and is an expert on using alternative currencies. Together with UPMA, he is working on getting sound money to become a viable and profitable alternative to […]

Part II of Ukraine and Inflation, Can Russia Enact a Gold Standard?

Gold Exchange Report

To listen to the audio version of this article click here. In Part I we discussed how the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine will lead to inflation, but not in the way most people think.  In Part II we discuss the possibility of Russia repudiating the dollar and going on a gold standard. […]

Moving from Gold-Redeemable to Irredeemable Currency

Moving from gold-redeemable to irredeemable currency

When we saw the following comment from a prominent otherwise-free-marketer, we knew it was time to write this article. “…the value of the Fed’s “liabilities”(which are so in name only) [scare quotes and parenthetic comment in original] bears only a very loose connection to the value of its assets.” This statement seems so simple. The […]

Keith Interviewed by Jordan Goodman, Lode, Amy Peikoff and James Valliant

Jordan Goodman https://youtu.be/2VbKzaFp2ps “Is there a way to earn money while holding precious metals? Why do people invest in gold and silver if all they do is hold it while paying storage fees? What’s the difference between investing and speculating when it comes to precious metals? Why should an investor hold gold? Host Jordan Goodman […]