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Reflections Over 2023


I am writing this from home. But I spent five of the last six months of the year on the road. Most of that was overseas. In Reflections last year, I wrote about the gruelingness (yes, that’s a word coined as of right now) of it. So I won’t repeat that, but I’ll just say that companies […]

Keith Weiner Speaks at Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Last month Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner spoke on a panel at the prestigious 2023 Dubai Precious Metals Conference. As the world grapples with record inflation and escalating debt concerns, Keith presented a new narrative for the role of gold in international finance. Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of the DMCC covered the conference […]

Brent Johnson: The Game is Rigged for the Dollar

Brent Johnson: The Game is Rigged for the Dollar

Brent Johnson joins the podcast to discuss the global economy, the role of gold, and the dominance of the US dollar despite currency debasement. Keith and Brent discuss why the other currencies are derivatives of the dollar, the rigged nature of a closed system, and how to overcome Gresham’s law. Additional Resources Follow Brent on […]