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John Reade: Cold Hard Truths About Gold

John Reade: Cold Hard Truths About Gold

John Reade of the World Gold Council joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to talk all things gold. Are ETF’s a good way to own gold? Why are Central Banks buying gold, and not reporting it? How much gold is too much gold in an investment portfolio? Follow John Reade on Twitter @JReade_WGC and visit the […]

Gold & Silver ETFs: The Fine Print


These are exciting times for gold & silver ETFs. Bloomberg reported this week that metal-backed ETFs accumulated more than $50 billion of bullion this year. And Nasdaq shows that iShares Silver Trust (SLV) has experienced a $188.2 million dollar inflow over the past 12 months. Headlines excitedly shout about A Golden Opportunity and ETF Land’s […]