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Jeff Snider: Their System is Malfunctioning

Jeff Snider: Their System is Malfunctioning

Jeff Snider joins the podcast to discusses the current economic climate, highlighting the disconnect between stock market performance and underlying economic indicators. Jeff explains how he sees gold and silver regaining their monetary status and why the Eurodollar system is no longer working. Additional Resources Eurodollar University Jeff Snider 2024 Gold Outlook Report  Passive Income […]

Best Episodes of 2023

Best of 2023 Gold Exchange podcast

The Gold Exchange podcast features top guests who help untangle market complexity and offer their takes on how economic and policy changes affect global financial markets. Although we’ve had many incredible guests appear on the podcast we thought we would share our Top 5 most popular episodes of 2023! Doomberg The team behind the little […]

Jeff Snider: There Is No Alternative… Yet

Jeff Snider: There Is No Alternative ...Yet

Jeff Snider joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the challenges of replacing the dollar and where alternatives stand. Keith and Jeff discuss the need for infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of an alternative currency, the limitations of indicators like the yield curve, and why the economy doesn’t work the way you think it […]