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The Anti-Concepts of Money: Conclusion

The Anti-Concept of Money Conclusion

The Anti-Concepts of Money The cash-value of promoting each of these anti-concepts is that they lead people to think that the central bank should impose a monetary policy. To make our lives better.  Our monetary policy is set by the Federal Reserve, which states that in pursuit of its mandate for price stability, it will engineer […]

Eric Brakey: The Free State Project

Eric Brakey: The Free State Project

Eric Brakey joins the podcast to discuss the Free State Project, sound money, cryptocurrency, and strategies for advancing liberty. What is the best path to liberty? What makes the free state so free? Can decentralized alternatives defeat the old incumbents? Additional Resources Eric Brakey The Free State Project Edward Snowden Substack Passive Income in Gold […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Risk-Free

Anti-Concept Risk-Free

If you’ve read the What Is Money? essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money Series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept “Risk-Free”. The Anti-Concept of Risk-Free Recall, that the anti-concept money is supposed to mean anything used as medium of exchange. But in reality, money is what you hold, when you do not wish to take […]