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What’s the Point, Gold and Silver Report 3 Dec 2017

A reader emailed us, to ask a few pointed questions. Paraphrasing, they are: Who cares if dollars are calculated in gold or gold is calculated in dollars? People care only if their purchasing power has grown. What is the basis good for? Is it just mathematical play for gold theorists? How does knowing the basis […]

Monetary Metals Fund Leases Silver at 1%

Gold Exponential Fund utilizes Monetary Metals leasing program Scottsdale, Ariz, September 7, 2017—Monetary Metals announces that its Gold Exponential Fund™ is leasing silver at a cost of 1% per annum. By leasing metal, the Fund adds a fixed-cost tier to its capital structure. The Fund has access to leverage at a rate well under LIBOR, […]

Gold Exponential Fund Lease #1 (Gold & Silver)

Monetary Metals’ Gold Exponential Fund™ provides a way for investors to own gold and earn a yield, by trading between gold and silver. The Fund seeks to lease metal to enhance returns by swapping leased metal for the opposite metal and at the end of the lease, the metal is traded back and returned to […]

Monetary Metals Adds Third-Party Fund Administrator

Monetary Metals Gold Exponential Fund is under supervision by NAV Consulting Group Scottsdale, Ariz, August 25, 2017—Monetary Metals announces that its Gold Exponential Fund™ is now supervised by third party fund administrator, NAV Consulting Group. The fund has been operating for five years, and has been given a clean report every year by its auditor, […]