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Is Bidenomics Working?


Jeff Deist and the Debased guests express their concerns and criticisms regarding the state of the economy under Bidenomics. Warning signs such as an inverted yield curve, declining investment, and excessive government spending are hidden underneath GDP growth and lower inflation. Will Bidenomics steer the economy toward a recovery or into a recession? Connect with […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Store of Value

Anti-Concept Store of Value

If you’ve read the previous essays on Purchasing Power, Inflation, and Money from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept: Store of Value The Anti-Concept of a Store of Value Another anti-concept is store of value. The very term evokes a picture of a container. You pour water into the container, […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Inflation

Anti-Concept Inflation

If you’ve read the previous essays on Purchasing Power, Velocity, and Money from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Inflation The Anti-Concept of Inflation  The Anti-Concept of Purchasing Power leads us to the Anti-Concept of Inflation.  That pseudo-equation already smuggles that any increase in the quantity of money causes […]

Tavi Costa: Golden Strategy in a Frothy Market

Tavi Costa: Golden Strategy in a Frothy Market

Tavi Costa, partner and portfolio manager at Crescat Capital, joins the Gold Exchange to dive into the current state of the markets, discussing the potential risks and opportunities ahead. From overpriced equities to concerns in commercial real estate and private equity, this episode explores the underlying factors that could impact investment strategies. A lighting round […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Risk-Free

Anti-Concept Risk-Free

If you’ve read the What Is Money? essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money Series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept “Risk-Free”. The Anti-Concept of Risk-Free Recall, that the anti-concept money is supposed to mean anything used as medium of exchange. But in reality, money is what you hold, when you do not wish to take […]

The Equation the Fed Doesn’t Want to Know

The Equation the Fed Doesn't Want to Know

“The return on capital must be greater than the interest rate.” Watch CEO Keith Weiner debunk the quantity theory of money and greedflation, and explain why his equation proves that the Fed is fighting against the laws of economics. Connect with Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @RealKeithWeiner @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Keith Weiner’s Equation […]

Jay Powell is Victor Frankenstein

Zombie Powell

In the world of finance, something has been haunting economists and investors alike: zombie firms. The Fed has created hordes of zombie firms, with a study in April 2021 finding that over 25% of U.S. companies were zombies in 2020. These undead firms have been sucking the life out of the economy.  But things are […]

Ep 55 – Stefan Gleason: Is Sound Money Coming to Wyoming?

Ep 55 - Stefan Gleason: Sound Money Coming to Wyoming?

Stefan Gleason of the Sound Money Defense League returns to the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the success of sound money initiatives at the state level, the critical bill in consideration in Wyoming, and how you can help win sound money policies in your state. The hearing on SF 101 is THIS Thursday in the […]

The Fed’s Demand Destruction: What It Means for You and Me

Fed Demand Destruction

If you listen to financial pundits talking about the Federal Reserve and the current state of the markets you might hear this term mentioned:  “Demand destruction.” What is it? And what does it mean for you and me? We’ll first discuss the mainstream understanding of the concept and then unpack why it’s more nefarious than […]