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The Fate of the Dollar: Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner

The Fate of the Dollar: Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner

Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, and Keith Weiner discuss the fate of the US Dollar at the 2023 New Orleans Investment Conference. Is there a debt level that will sink the dollar’s value? Can the BRICS countries offer a better currency? Where does gold fit in? Additional Resources Santiago Capital Brent Johnson Permanent Gold Backwardation Passive […]

Best Episodes of 2023

Best of 2023 Gold Exchange podcast

The Gold Exchange podcast features top guests who help untangle market complexity and offer their takes on how economic and policy changes affect global financial markets. Although we’ve had many incredible guests appear on the podcast we thought we would share our Top 5 most popular episodes of 2023! Doomberg The team behind the little […]

Keith Weiner Speaks at Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Dubai Precious Metals Conference

Last month Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner spoke on a panel at the prestigious 2023 Dubai Precious Metals Conference. As the world grapples with record inflation and escalating debt concerns, Keith presented a new narrative for the role of gold in international finance. Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of the DMCC covered the conference […]

Jeff Snider: There Is No Alternative… Yet

Jeff Snider: There Is No Alternative ...Yet

Jeff Snider joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the challenges of replacing the dollar and where alternatives stand. Keith and Jeff discuss the need for infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of an alternative currency, the limitations of indicators like the yield curve, and why the economy doesn’t work the way you think it […]

Brent Johnson: The Game is Rigged for the Dollar

Brent Johnson: The Game is Rigged for the Dollar

Brent Johnson joins the podcast to discuss the global economy, the role of gold, and the dominance of the US dollar despite currency debasement. Keith and Brent discuss why the other currencies are derivatives of the dollar, the rigged nature of a closed system, and how to overcome Gresham’s law. Additional Resources Follow Brent on […]

Keith’s World Tour Summer 2023

World Map

Where in the world is Keith Weiner? I set out on the road, for another around-the-world trip, on June 13. My stops include: Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, and London. My twin purposes are to raise awareness of Monetary Metals, and meet prospective clients. They are mostly corporations who can bring […]

Smart Investor Interviews Keith Weiner

Smart Investor Germany

Ralph Malisch of Smart Investor, interviewed CEO of Monetary Metals, Keith Weiner on the economic issues facing the global economies. Keith explained the reason for the disappointing price development in gold as of late, and what would make the price rise again. ” Unfortunately, many have bought gold using leverage and are facing margin calls, […]

Why Am I Fighting for the Gold Standard?

Life is good. They could not have imagined what we have now, back in the dark ages. So I have never understood why people prep for a return to the dark ages. The only thing I can think of is that they don’t really picture what life is like. 14 hours a day of back-breaking […]