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Bryan Caplan: Why Housing Costs DOUBLED

Bryan Caplan: Why Housing Prices DOUBLED

Best-selling author and economist Bryan Caplan joins the podcast to discuss why housing prices continue to rise, what we can do about it, and why everyone seems to hate markets. Follow Bryan on Twitter @Bryan_Caplan Connect with Monetary Metals on Twitter: @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Earn Interest on Gold Books by Bryan Caplan Bryan Caplan’s Substack: […]

Bryan Caplan: Ugly Economic Truths

Bryan Caplan: Ugly Economic Truths

Economist and bestselling author Bryan Caplan is back on the podcast to debunk the conventional thinking on democracy, Keynesiansim, education, mental illness, and more. Bryan asks and answers some of the most pressing questions of the day: Should Jerome Powell support abolishing the minimum wage? Does this dress make me look fat? Can free market […]