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What is good money?

What is Good Money?

What is the difference between good money and bad money? Is there a spectrum of moneyness? Is political money worse than commodity money? Jeff Deist and Ben Nadelstein discuss the Quantity Theory of Money, hoarding money as an economic good, and Say’s Law. Connect with Jeff and Monetary Metals on X: @JeffDeist @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources […]

Dana Samuelson: Gold Shaking Off Headwinds

Dana Samuelson: Gold Shaking Off Headwinds

Dana Samuelson of AmerGold joins the podcast to talk about the factors affecting gold. Samuelson discusses the resilience of gold in the face of financial headwinds and highlights the potential for gold to climb higher. Samuelson also delves into the dynamics of silver, crypto, the commercial real estate market, Fed policies, and more! Additional Resources […]

How we think about gold and silver

Gold Supply and Demand

When it comes to analyzing precious metals, the right methodology isn’t immediately obvious. Fundamental analysis in stocks and bonds is well understood. One can discount cash flows, examine the balance sheet, review the income statement, look at growth prospects and arrive at a fundamental value for the company. And there is a sophisticated ratings system […]

Silver Crash Makes Silver Trash?

Silver Price Crash September 29, 2021

The price of silver dropped a dollar, or over 4% on Wednesday. Some voices in the precious metals press want you to think that there is only one conceivable cause. We should coin a term for this form of logical fallacy: argumentum ad ignorantia. This is an argument of the form: “the cause must be […]

Where do gold and silver prices go from here?

Where do gold prices go from here

One way to look at the price of gold, is that it dropped from its high around $1,900 in early June. Another way is to zoom out, and look at the big picture. Here is a 10-year chart of gold and silver prices. For over four years, after the peak around $1,900 ten years ago […]