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Bob Elliott: The Case for The Contra Currency

Bob Elliott: The Case for The Contra Currency

Bob Elliott of Unlimited Funds joins the podcast to talk about why gold can be better than bonds, why the economy hasn’t hit a recession yet, and what it’ll take to make asset prices fall. Bob and Keith discuss central bank gold leasing vs. true gold leasing, the junk bond conundrum, and more! Additional Resources […]

The Equation the Fed Doesn’t Want to Know

The Equation the Fed Doesn't Want to Know

“The return on capital must be greater than the interest rate.” Watch CEO Keith Weiner debunk the quantity theory of money and greedflation, and explain why his equation proves that the Fed is fighting against the laws of economics. Connect with Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @RealKeithWeiner @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Keith Weiner’s Equation […]

Ep-59 Spencer Jakab: Meme Stonks and Manic Markets

Spencer Jakab: Meme Stonks and Manic Markets

Spencer Jakab joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to explore the meme stonk craze, lessons for investing in volatile markets, and why Wall Street’s dominance hasn’t been toppled. Is the reverse Jim Cramer fund better than listening to Jim Cramer? Will AI revolutionize finance? Can markets handle veganism? Keith and Spencer give their thoughts on this […]

Ep 56 – Jason Cozens: The Solution to Bank Risk is Gold

Ep 56 - Jason Cozens: The Solution to Bank Risk is Gold

In this thought-provoking interview Jason Cozens, founder and CEO of Glint, discusses the future of money and the role that gold can play in a modern financial system, riddled with bank risk. Jason shares his insights on why the traditional banking system is failing to meet the needs of consumers. Keith and Jason explore why […]

Jay Powell is Victor Frankenstein

Zombie Powell

In the world of finance, something has been haunting economists and investors alike: zombie firms. The Fed has created hordes of zombie firms, with a study in April 2021 finding that over 25% of U.S. companies were zombies in 2020. These undead firms have been sucking the life out of the economy.  But things are […]

The Fed’s Demand Destruction: What It Means for You and Me

Fed Demand Destruction

If you listen to financial pundits talking about the Federal Reserve and the current state of the markets you might hear this term mentioned:  “Demand destruction.” What is it? And what does it mean for you and me? We’ll first discuss the mainstream understanding of the concept and then unpack why it’s more nefarious than […]

Ep 54 – EPIC RANT: The Fed’s Demand Destruction is Immoral

Demand Destruction

CEO Keith Weiner goes on an epic rant debunking the idea of a soft landing through demand destruction, the inflation-unemployment trade-off, and how most economists are not doing real monetary science. Save the Date! We will be hosting a Webinar forum where you can ask Keith your questions about the Gold Outlook Report. Day: Monday, […]

The Fed has a Hammer, and You’re a Nail

The Fed has a Hammer, and You're a Nail

Our present moment is precarious. Like it or not—we don’t—we live in the age of Central Banks. And as we witness, and alas participate in, the global drama to create or destroy wealth, there is a great and tragic irony at work. On the one hand the rhetoric we hear from Fed Chairman Jay Powell […]

How to Build and Destroy a Pension Fund System in 22 Easy Steps

Step 18

How to Destroy a Pension Fund in 22 Easy Steps CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner gave a talk at the New Orleans Investment Conference on how to build and destroy a pension fund system in 22 easy steps. If you’d like to see an excellent case study of these steps in action, see the […]