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Michael Gayed: Gold warning signals

Michael Gayed: Risk On or Risk Off?

Michael Gayed joins the podcast to discuss current market risks, the Yen carry trade, and why he believes some larger institutional players are considering gold. Additional Resources Earn Interest on Gold Michael Gayed 2024 Gold Outlook Report  Passive Income in Gold Earn a yield on gold, paid in gold The Case for Gold Yield in […]

Monetary Metals Publishes Eighth Annual Gold Outlook Report

Monetary Metals Publishes Eighth Annual Gold Outlook Report

Scottsdale, AZ – March 12, 2024 Monetary Metals has released its eighth annual Gold Outlook Report. The report features Monetary Metals’ award-winning economic analysis and their price forecasts for gold and silver in 2024.   The report makes a case against the mainstream notion that inflation continues to be the primary driver of the Federal Reserve’s […]

Monetary Metals Covered in Family Wealth Report

Family Wealth Report

Monetary Metals was recently covered in the Family Wealth Report, a prominent publication to family offices and the high net worth wealth management industry. Family Wealth Report provides unique business intelligence on the world of North American family wealth to private bankers, family offices, asset managers, and more. Click here to read, “Monetary Metals Says […]

Introduction to the Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report

Supply and Demand Report

The Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report is the only accurate picture of the fundamentals of the gold and silver markets. We released a video that presents some of these ideas in an engaging format. We provide a weekly letter based on data and analysis of the monetary metals: gold and silver. This article is […]