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Michael Gayed: Gold warning signals

Michael Gayed: Risk On or Risk Off?

Michael Gayed joins the podcast to discuss current market risks, the Yen carry trade, and why he believes some larger institutional players are considering gold. Additional Resources Earn Interest on Gold Michael Gayed 2024 Gold Outlook Report  Passive Income in Gold Earn a yield on gold, paid in gold The Case for Gold Yield in […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Conclusion

The Anti-Concept of Money Conclusion

The Anti-Concepts of Money The cash-value of promoting each of these anti-concepts is that they lead people to think that the central bank should impose a monetary policy. To make our lives better.  Our monetary policy is set by the Federal Reserve, which states that in pursuit of its mandate for price stability, it will engineer […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Risk-Free

Anti-Concept Risk-Free

If you’ve read the What Is Money? essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money Series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept “Risk-Free”. The Anti-Concept of Risk-Free Recall, that the anti-concept money is supposed to mean anything used as medium of exchange. But in reality, money is what you hold, when you do not wish to take […]

What Is Undermining the Banks? 

April Fools

April 1, 2023  First, it was the crypto-focused Silvergate Bank. Then it was Silicon Valley Bank. And immediately after, Signature Bank. Silvergate and Signature could be dismissed because, well, crypto. But Silicon Valley Bank is something entirely else. It was older, and much larger. And a mainstay of high-tech, venture-funded startups for many decades.  Then […]

Why Can’t Banks Raise Their Rates on Deposits?

Why Can’t Banks Raise Their Rates on Deposits?

As the Federal Reserve has hiked rates from 0% to over 4.75%, the average interest rate on bank deposits has remained low, around the FDIC’s national average for savings accounts of 0.37%. This has led many to ask the simple question.   Why aren’t banks raising the interest rate on deposits?   The Hotel California Banking System  […]

Did the Fed just Pivot?

Did the Fed just Pivot

Last week, we had this to say about the implications of SVB’s collapse…  Everyone in the market has to think about an unpleasant reality and come to grips with it. They have to consider the risks of things that previously they may have thought absolutely safe. Such as bank deposits, and Treasury bonds (and government-guaranteed […]

What Caused the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank?

The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

You can listen to an audio summary of this article below. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed and was then seized by the California Department of Financial Protection on Friday, March 10. This came after a frenetic two days, when the bank announced a big loss, tried to raise capital, and then faced an accelerating run-on-the-bank. […]

Permanent Gold Backwardation: The Crack Up Boom

Gold Spiral

Professor Antal Fekete has written several pieces discussing gold backwardation, and arguing that this is the red alert signal for the coming financial Armageddon, when the tower of unpayable debts collapses. In this paper, I delve deeper into this topic. My goal is to make this topic approachable by the layman and describe what I […]