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Ep-59 Spencer Jakab: Meme Stonks and Manic Markets

Spencer Jakab: Meme Stonks and Manic Markets

Spencer Jakab joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to explore the meme stonk craze, lessons for investing in volatile markets, and why Wall Street’s dominance hasn’t been toppled. Is the reverse Jim Cramer fund better than listening to Jim Cramer? Will AI revolutionize finance? Can markets handle veganism? Keith and Spencer give their thoughts on this […]

Banning Short Selling

Short Selling

In fall, 2008, the US banned short selling of certain stocks. It triggered a massive short-covering rally. Then, without the shorts in the market, prices went into freefall. When prices are falling, the shorts (when taking profits) are the only bidders. Markets don’t crash because of short sellers. They crash because the bid is withdrawn. […]