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Swiss Portfolio Manager Launches Gold-Denominated Note Targeting 6-8% on Gold

Gefion Capital Launches Gold-Denominated Note to Invest in Monetary Metals' Gold Leases and Bonds

Scottsdale, Arizona and Zurich, Switzerland – January 10, 2024 –Monetary Metals is pleased to report that Gefion Capital AG has launched the Monetary Metals® Diversified Gold Income Note. The note seeks to deliver a 6% to 8% net return on gold by investing in Monetary Metals’ gold leases and gold bonds. The Luxembourg domiciled note […]

What Can Kill a Useless Currency?

There is a popular notion, at least among American libertarians and gold bugs. The idea is that people will one day “get woke”, and suddenly realize that the dollar is bad / unbacked / fiat / unsound / Ponzi / other countries don’t like it / <insert favorite bugaboo here>. When they do, they will […]

The Toxic Stew, Report 7 Oct 2018

Last week, we shined a spotlight on a crack in the monetary system that few people outside of Switzerland (and not many inside either) were aware of. There is permanent gold backwardation measured in Swiss francs. Everyone knows that the Swiss franc has a negative interest rate, but so far as we know, Keith is […]