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The Anti-Concepts of Money: Stagflation

Anti-Concept Stagflation

If you’ve read the Inflation essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money Series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Stagflation. The Anti-Concept of Stagflation  Stagflation. This is a curious term. Wikipedia’s definition has the tell-tale signs of an anti-concept:  “In economics, stagflation or recession-inflation is a situation in which the inflation rate is high, the […]

Dana Samuelson: Gold Shaking Off Headwinds

Dana Samuelson: Gold Shaking Off Headwinds

Dana Samuelson of AmerGold joins the podcast to talk about the factors affecting gold. Samuelson discusses the resilience of gold in the face of financial headwinds and highlights the potential for gold to climb higher. Samuelson also delves into the dynamics of silver, crypto, the commercial real estate market, Fed policies, and more! Additional Resources […]

Danielle DiMartino Booth: No More Zero Bound

Danielle DiMartino Booth: No More Zero Bound

Danielle DiMartinoBooth of Quill Intelligence is back to discuss important economic indicators and their potential impact on the financial markets. Danielle highlights concerns about the rising unemployment rate signaling a recession, why the stock market remains high, and the flight to safety trade into T-bills. Danielle also expresses skepticism about CBDCs, gives arguments for owning […]

Is Bidenomics Working?


Jeff Deist and the Debased guests express their concerns and criticisms regarding the state of the economy under Bidenomics. Warning signs such as an inverted yield curve, declining investment, and excessive government spending are hidden underneath GDP growth and lower inflation. Will Bidenomics steer the economy toward a recovery or into a recession? Connect with […]

The Fed’s Demand Destruction: What It Means for You and Me

Fed Demand Destruction

If you listen to financial pundits talking about the Federal Reserve and the current state of the markets you might hear this term mentioned:  “Demand destruction.” What is it? And what does it mean for you and me? We’ll first discuss the mainstream understanding of the concept and then unpack why it’s more nefarious than […]

Ep 48 – Peter Boockvar: What Will Cause the Fed to Pivot?

Peter Boockvar

Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group Peter Boockvar joins the Gold Exchange Podcast LIVE at the 2022 New Orleans Investment Conference to discuss market dynamics, a potential Fed pivot, unemployment numbers and more! Read Peter’s Boock Report and connect with him on Twitter Connect with Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @RealKeithWeiner @Monetary_Metals […]