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Monetary Metals Covered in Family Wealth Report

Family Wealth Report

Monetary Metals was recently covered in the Family Wealth Report, a prominent publication to family offices and the high net worth wealth management industry. Family Wealth Report provides unique business intelligence on the world of North American family wealth to private bankers, family offices, asset managers, and more. Click here to read, “Monetary Metals Says […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Wealth Effect

Anti-Concept The Wealth Effect

If you’ve read the Purchasing Power and Inflation essays from this Anti-Concepts of Money Series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of The Wealth Effect. The Anti-Concept of The Wealth Effect Here is the definition of wealth effect from Wikipedia:  “The wealth effect is the change in spending that accompanies a change in perceived wealth.”  […]

The Duality of Money, Report 10 Mar

This is a pair of photographs taken by Keith Weiner, for a high school project. It seemed a fitting picture for the dual nature of money, the dual nature of wood both as logs to be consumed and dimensional lumber to be used to construct buildings. Last week, in Is Capital Creation Beating Capital Consumption, […]