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Ep 45 – Danielle Lacalle: The Case for the People’s Zombification

Ep 45 - Daniel Lacalle

In this latest installment of our Zombie Month series, we welcome Daniel Lacalle onto the Gold Exchange Podcast. Daniel is an economist, fund manager and professor of Global Economics. Daniel discusses the recent fallout in the UK, the pressures building up in the global economy, and the central banks’ creation of zombie firms. Listen to […]

Ep 43 – Jim Brown: Financial Repression and Zombification

Ep 43 - Jim Brown: Financial Repression and Zombification

In our latest Zombie Month episode, we welcome Jim Brown, a Monetary Metals Board Member, onto the Gold Exchange Podcast. “Hard Money” Jim dissects the increasing zombification of the economy, financial repression, and the unprecedented moves taken by Central Banks around the world. This episode was filmed LIVE at the New Orleans Investment Conference! Listen […]

Zombies Corporations are Slowly Devouring the Economy

Zombie Firms

I spoke with zombie firm researcher Max Goebel to breakdown his findings on the nature and consequences of zombie lending. Max is a PhD student in Economics at the University of Lisbon and his been studying what many researchers missed. Max helped answer some questions on zombie lending which have been haunting me. What is […]

Ep – 42 Maximilian Göbel: Can Central Banks Slay the Zombie Hordes?

Can Central Banks Slay the Zombie Hordes?

Zombie researcher Maximilian Göbel joins Keith and Ben on the Gold Exchange Podcast to talk about the scariest creatures the Fed has created, ZOMBIES! Will hordes of zombie corporations take over our economy? How serious of a threat are zombies? Are zombies increasing or decreasing? What IS a zombie corporation? Find out the answers to […]

Wealth-Destroying Zombies

Wealth Destroying Zombie Firms

The hot topic in monetary economics today (hah, if it’s not an oxymoron to say these terms together!) is whither interest rates. The Fed in its recent statement said the risk is balanced (the debunked notion of a tradeoff between unemployment and rising consumer prices should have been tossed on the ash heap of history […]