The Future of Gold and Money: A Roundtable Discussion

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It was quite the cast of interesting characters: one of them began fighting for legal gold ownership back in 1972, one was influenced by Ronald Reagan’s unfulfilled campaign promise to return to the gold standard, and one was a long-time student of objectivism who suddenly had assets to protect.

In this entertaining roundtable discussion led by radio host David Gornoski, we hear from Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals, and James Dale Davidson, author of the Sovereign Individual.

Together, they discuss:

    • The history and future of gold as an investment asset for the average Joe
    • General misconceptions of investing in gold
    • Our fiat money system
    • Economic effects of foreign policy

Additionally, Gornoski covers these questions:

    • Were stagnant wages connected to Nixon’s abandonment of the gold standard?
    • Did the solidifying of the US–Saudi relationship with regards to oil contribute to declining wages and savings?
    • Which is worth more in an apocalyptic world: gold or gun ammo?

Listen to the full podcast below.





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