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Have a question about what one of our data series means? Want to discuss unusual chart activity that wasn’t covered in our weekly Supply and Demand Report? Leave a comment below and we, or our passionate subscribers, will endavour to answer it.

We also welcome error spotting. While we have applied unconventional proprietary techniques to clean up over a terabyte of data, we aren’t infallible so we may miss errors in the source data or our algorithms may not have considered new corner cases. We are constantly refining our data processing systems and welcome your input.

Notes about our charts

Our charts are based on a licensed database from Thomson Reuters of time-stamped bid and offer tick data for both spot and futures markets, for the entire trading day. To that we have applied unconventional proprietary techniques to filter the raw data, which can contain glitches, reflect temporary or even ephemeral conditions in the real world and spurious noise, to reveal the full information content of the underlying signals. You can read more about our methodology here.

Note that the Monetary Metals® GOFO and SIFO rates, and lease rates derived from them, are indicative only. The high correlation of Monetary Metals’ rates to the LBMA’s means that they are useful as a reference point for the direction of forward and lease rates, rather than as absolute executable rates.

Our three month time period charts show our actual underlying data but we have applied a 5 day moving average to our data in the three year and max time period charts to make it visually easier to read.

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