Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 8 June, 2014

It was a pretty quiet week until, BAM, the European Central Bank dropped a bomb. They lowered three of their benchmark rates, and made the deposit rate negative. I wrote an article on Forbes, contrasting what they say it will accomplish with what I think will actually happen. The prices of the monetary metals had [...]

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  1. davidroossien says:

    It’s interesting how quickly the silver market became tight two weeks ago. I would not have thought such a strong move into backwardation would happen in the $18.75 region, or at least not so quickly. That was a dramatic move in the cobasis!

    The snap back from backwardation last week is less surprising because we’ve seen this before.

    Dollar credit is still contracting strongly. I visualize the silver market fighting the strengthening dollar all the way down to a bottoming price with peaks of backwardation along the way.

  2. nevada31.1 says:

    Mr. Weiner,

    This report, along with everything else I’ve read on your site, makes fascinating reading. I look forward to learning more.

    Thank you for offering the free membership.

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