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Earn Interest on Your Gold & Silver

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We help savvy investors multiply their ounces of gold and silver.

ETFs, coins, & bullion are the conventional options when considering precious metals. Unfortunately, their unending management costs and vault fees erode your ounces over time.

Now there’s a better way. Monetary Metals offers a yield on gold, paid in gold®. And silver, too!

Stop watching your hard-earned holdings get eaten away by costs.

Instead, upgrade to Monetary Metals and watch them grow.

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Gain Valuable Market Insights Using Our Proprietary Charts

Are you all about the data? We are! We publish 34 different proprietary charts each day. We seek to back out speculative forces in the market to reveal the underlying physical supply and demand picture. Our charts include fundamental pricing, gold and silver forward rates, premium/discount to current spot prices, bid-offer spreads, carry/decarry near contract, and more. Sign up here for access to these powerful tools.