Monetary Metals™

A yield on gold, paid in gold™

Monetary Metals™ is a different kind of gold company. Our philosophy is that wealth is measured in ounces—not dollars—and you should invest to grow your wealth.

This means increasing your gold. Hoarding gold is not investing, merely speculating. Even if the bet pays off, and the gold price rises, you don’t have more wealth. You have more dollars, but each of those dollars is worth proportionally less, and you still have the same amount of wealth.

Monetary Metals™ is the pioneer in gold investments, with products designed to generate a yield on gold, paid in gold™.

Monetary Metals™ was founded for a purpose: to offer the world an alternative to the failing dollar system and to help people transition to a working gold standard. We define this as when everyone has a choice to deposit their gold, and earn interest in gold.