They Broke the Silver Fix (Part I)

Last Thursday, January 28, there was a flash crash on the price chart for silver. Here is a graph of the price action. The Price of Silver, Jan 28 (All times GMT) If you read more about it, you will see that there was an irregularity around the silver fix. At the time, the spot […]

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Possible Silver U-Turn Report, 7 Feb

Wow, did the dollar move down this week! It dropped more than it has in quite a while. It fell 1.3mg gold, or 0.1g silver. Gold and silver bugs of course are excited, as they look at it as the prices of the metals going up $55 and 72 cents respectively. The collapse of what […]

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Possible Sign of Silver Turn, Report 31 Jan, 2016

The price of the dollar was down 50mg gold, to 27.8mg, or if you prefer 0.04g silver to 2.18g. Why do we measure the volatile dollar in terms of gold and silver? There’s nothing else to measure it, certainly not the dollar-derivatives called euro, pound, franc, yen, and yuan. In the common tongue, gold was […]

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Monetary Metals Brief 2016

We have consistently been making the contrarian call for a falling silver price and a rising gold to silver ratio for years. This ratio has risen a lot during this time. So are we ready to change our call yet? Review of Our Call in 2015 Let’s hold ourselves accountable for what we said last […]

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Silver Goes Foom, Report 24 Jan, 2016

This will be a brief report, as we’re focused on releasing our Outlook 2016 Report which is over 8,000 words of our assessment of the gold, silver, currency, and credit markets. Also, this was a holiday-shortened week (Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the US). But that did not stop the fireworks in silver […]

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Won’t Get Fooled Again, Report 17 Jan, 2016

There is a great lyric in Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who: Then I’ll get on my knees and pray We don’t get fooled again Remember last week, when the price of silver spiked? On Thursday that week, the price was moving sideways around $14. Then around 5am (Arizona time), the price began to […]

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Open Letter to the Banks

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase Brian T. Moynihan, Bank of America Michael Corbat, Citigroup Gentlemen: On Friday, I attended a digital money summit at the Consumer Electronics Show. I am writing to you to warn you about the disruption that is about to occur in banking. There are many startups (and larger companies too) that […]

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Silver Flash in the Pan, Report 10 Jan, 2016

No doubt, many people were excited on Thursday to see a spike in the silver price. The big news almost seemed like it would be a spike in the silver price. We were not quite so exuberant, tweeting (follow us on Twitter @Monetary_Metals): “What happened to silver supply and demand fundamentals this morning?!” We expected […]

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Murphy’s Law of Gold Analysis, Report 3 Jan, 2016

Perhaps it may be lesser known than his other Laws, but Murphy wrote one for the basis analysis. It goes like this. If we observe that the fundamental price of a metal is far removed from the market price, the two won’t likely converge the next week. On the other hand, suppose we say this […]

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Supply and Demand Report 27 Dec, 2015

The prices of the metals rose a bit this quiet, holiday week. Merry Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, Keith’s brother who is an amateur woodworker of growing skill, gave him this present on Friday. Regular readers may recognize the design as our logo. Each “M” is made of a single piece of wood. They are stained […]

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