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Monetary Metals Finances at 4% - Retailer of Gold Without Borders™ 24k jewelry saves money with a Monetary Metals lease Scottsdale, Ariz, June 20, 2018—Monetary Metals announces that it has leased gold to GoldSilver™, to support the growth of its line of fine gold jewelry, Gold Without Borders™, at an interest rate of 4.0%. The metal is held in the form […]
Monetary Metals Raises Second Equity Financing - Scottsdale, Ariz., June 13, 2018—Monetary Metals® announces the close of its second equity capital round, bringing the total raised to $1.5 million. The company has been raising money from individual high net worth investors globally. It will use the proceeds to elevate its profile and continue to hit its milestones. Monetary Metals has a unique […]

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Two In-Depth Interviews - Keith had two more in-depth, ideaful interviews. Keith was interviewed on the Jason Stapleton Program. Keith had a lively discussion with Peter Bell and Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist.
Keith Weiner Interviews - I have had a busy schedule of interviews. The Nevada gold bond has been a hot topic, and more interviews are coming. Here are 9 interviews so far. Jay Taylor May 16: June 6: July 17: Kerry Lutz June 18: SmaulGLD July 4: Money Metals July 13: Wayne Allyn […]

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