Who We Are

Monetary Metals® is a different kind of gold company. Others buy or sell gold. We are a platform for products that offer investors a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We call it The Gold Yield Marketplace™.

Why Does a Yield on Gold Matter?

We live in an era where the yield on paper currencies is failing. So it is now time to recall what was obvious a century ago. In 1912, John Pierpont Morgan said before Congress that “money is gold, and nothing else.”

Since then, the Federal Reserve was created under President Wilson, gold was confiscated under President F. D. Roosevelt, and gold was entirely demonetized under President Nixon. Finally, in 1998, Warren Buffett stated the obvious when he reportedly said that “gold has no utility.” Gold went from being money in Morgan’s day to being useless today.

Along the way, people substituted the paper dollar for gold. The paper dollar is just credit. It should have a printed disclaimer, warning everyone that it is irredeemable and therefore will never be paid.

Gold Today

We now use irredeemable credit as if it were money, and we use gold merely for hoarding. People buy gold, awaiting either higher prices or the end of the financial system. Productivity and utility are not about a rising price. Some companies promote the idea that you should buy gold, because you will soon sell it for a higher price. They’re right that the price will rise (in the long run), but speculation does not make gold useful. It makes gold into nothing more than a chip with which to bet in the market-casino.

Your Gold Can Do More

Gold could do so much more for investors, and for everyone else. This is why Monetary Metals is on a mission to Unlock the Productivity of Gold®. The key to gold becoming useful again—useful as money—is earning a yield.

To provide a yield to investors, Monetary Metals works with businesses who use gold productively. We offer them Gold Financing, Simplified™. They are happy to pay a fee (in gold) to lease gold which they transform into valuable products and make a profit. It’s a win for gold investors, the business, and the economy.