Bullion Dealers: Gold Financing, Simplified™

Impulse purchases and instant gratification are the keys to winning customers and repeat business. To achieve this you need to have product in stock and in the customer’s hands as quickly as possible.

One solution is to drop ship from your supplier. However, this can delay the fulfillment time and it puts your reputation at risk as you are reliant on the performance of your supplier. Another option is consignment stocks, but these are not guaranteed as they are subject to your supplier’s funding pressures, and while they appear free, your supplier’s funding cost is embedded in the fabrication fees they charge.

With a Monetary Metals® solution, you do not have to be reliant on your suppliers’ stocking decisions and fulfillment performance. Be your own distributor and operate a buffer of stock of your own choice – an “in stock” message on your website means you get the sale and your customer knows there won’t be any shipment delay.

The flexibility of a Monetary Metals’ True Gold Lease or Gold Real Bill means you can also take advantage of periods of low demand when premiums fall, buying up stock on the cheap to hold and sell at high premium when demand returns.

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