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Welcome to The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner, where we untangle market and policy complexity using timeless economic principles.

Each episode dives into topics such as economics, monetary policy, investing, and precious metals, among others. If you’re seeking to better understand the present so you can prepare for the future, this podcast is for you.

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Previous Episodes of The Gold Exchange Podcast

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Jeff Snider: There Is No Alternative… Yet

Jeff Snider joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the challenges of replacing the dollar and where alternatives stand. Keith and Jeff discuss the need for infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of an alternative currency, the limitations of indicators like the yield curve, and why the economy doesn’t work the way you think it should.

John Reade: Cold Hard Truths About Gold

John Reade of the World Gold Council joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to talk all things gold. Are ETF’s a good way to own gold? Why are Central Banks buying gold, and not reporting it? How much gold is too much gold in an investment portfolio?

Danielle DiMartino Booth: No More Zero Bound

Danielle DiMartinoBooth of Quill Intelligence is back to discuss important economic indicators and their potential impact on the financial markets. Danielle highlights concerns about the rising unemployment rate signaling a recession, why the stock market remains high, and the flight to safety trade into T-bills. Danielle also expresses skepticism about CBDCs, gives arguments for owning gold, and her odds on the likelihood of a Powell coup.

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