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Welcome to The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner, where we untangle market and policy complexity using timeless economic principles.

Each episode dives into topics such as economics, monetary policy, investing, and precious metals, among others. If you’re seeking to better understand the present so you can prepare for the future, this podcast is for you.

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Previous Episodes of The Gold Exchange Podcast

Want to get a sense of previous episodes of The Gold Exchange Podcast? Great! We’ve included a few of the most popular episodes for you to check out below, or you can click the button to view our entire episode list.

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Ep 37 – Brent Johnson: The Dollar Milkshake Theory Explained

Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to talk about the Dollar Milkshake Theory, how and why everyone should own gold, and what the perversity of the dollar system means for all the other world currencies.

Ep 45 – Danielle Lacalle: The Case for the People’s Zombification

In this latest installment of our Zombie Month series, we welcome Daniel Lacalle onto the Gold Exchange Podcast. Daniel is an economist, fund manager and professor of Global Economics. Daniel discusses the recent fallout in the UK, the pressures building up in the global economy, and the central banks’ creation of zombie firms. Listen to Ben, Keith and Daniel get into everything from quantitative easing to zombie slaying.

Ep 34 – The BearLord: A Recession Cometh

We welcome Travis Kimmel, AKA the Dollar Fatalist, the Wizard of Web1, the Crusher of Cryptocurrency dreams, and our favorite moniker, the illustrious BearLord, onto the Gold Exchange Podcast!

Travis joins Keith to talk about Bitcoin acolytes’ underlying Marxist philosophy, interest rate hikes, balance sheets, and so much more. Listen in to hear what the famous BearLord thinks about whether a recession cometh, and why it’s insanity to hike rates in this market. This is a must-see episode!

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