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Welcome to The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner, where we untangle market and policy complexity using timeless economic principles.

Each episode dives into topics such as economics, monetary policy, investing, and precious metals, among others. If you’re seeking to better understand the present so you can prepare for the future, this podcast is for you.

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Previous Episodes of The Gold Exchange Podcast

Want to get a sense of previous episodes of The Gold Exchange Podcast? Great! We’ve included a few of the most popular episodes for you to check out below, or you can click the button to view our entire episode list.

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Episode 22: Reimagining Physical Gold with Adam Trexler of Valaurum

In this episode, Adam and Keith cover the following:

  • The universal and timeless allure of physical gold even today
  • The effectiveness of gold as an internationally recognized standard of value
  • How much gold you would need to carry in your pocket to buy a house
  • The importance of redemption or payment in physical gold

Episode 20: The Truth About the So-Called Silver Squeeze

Keith provides some answers to the questions surrounding the Silver Squeeze movement in this latest episode, like:

  • Is there a really a global shortage of silver as many claim?
  • Why did no one cover the toilet paper ponzi scheme?
  • What do coffee shop lattes and 1oz Silver Eagles have in common?
  • The difference between unallocated precious metals account and fractional reserve banking

Episode 7: Gold Bonds Are Back Baby!

On the heels of Monetary Metals issuing the first gold bond since 1933, Keith and John discuss the reemergence of the gold bond market, covering:

  • How a gold bond differs from a gold lease
  • Why borrowing in gold is so appealing to a gold business seeking financing
  • The choice that investors now have for their capital
  • Details on our newly-issued bond
  • How this achievement impacts Monetary Metals in 2021 & beyond

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