Supply and Demand Report

Our Supply and Demand Report is an ongoing discussion about the fundamental and speculative forces driving gold and silver prices, based on our view that analysis of price spreads can often reveal more about the supply and demand balance in the market than just looking at price movements. For an explanation of our approach and a guide to understanding the terminology and graphs, see Introduction to the Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report.

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Recent Reports

Monetary Metals® makes some of its Supply and Demand Reports publicly available, but you may be interested in registering to view our premium Supply and Demand Reports. Our recent basic reports are listed below. View all of our basic reports here.

Monetary Metals Gold Outlook 2023 Gold Outlook 2023 Brief - This is a brief preview of our annual Gold Outlook Report. Every year we take an in-depth look at the market players, dynamics, fallacies, and drivers of markets, and finally, give our predictions for gold and silver prices over the coming year. Click here to download a free copy of the full Gold Outlook Report […]
Gold Supply and Demand How we think about gold and silver - When it comes to analyzing precious metals, the right methodology isn’t immediately obvious. Fundamental analysis in stocks and bonds is well understood. One can discount cash flows, examine the balance sheet, review the income statement, look at growth prospects and arrive at a fundamental value for the company. And there is a sophisticated ratings system […]
Supply and Demand Report Silver Fever, or Silver Fading? - We finally had a resolution, of sorts, in silver. Since April 13, we have had a falling price of silver (indicated as a rising price of the dollar, as measured in silver). And along with this price trend, a growing scarcity of the metal to the market (i.e. the cobasis, the red line). Indeed, the […]
Supply and Demand Report Silver Update: Scarcity Gets More Extreme - Listen to the audio version of this article here. Since our last silver article, the price of silver has dropped. With due respect to Frederic Bastiat, the price is the seen. The basis mostly goes unseen. We will take a look at the market data, revised for a few more days of trading. Warren Buffett, […]
Supply and Demand Report The Silver Phoenix Market - Listen to the audio version of this article here. The price of silver hit a peak over $26.50 on March 8. It spent about a month and a half breaking down, and then the bottom fell out. It’s currently down from that peak almost 8 bucks. Breaking Down Fundamental Silver Prices However, the opposite has […]

Listen to Supply and Demand Reports on YouTube

You can listen to the reports on our YouTube channel. Click the link and navigate to the Supply and Demand Report Playlist, where you can find the audio version of each report once we publish it. Each video includes the charts and graphs referenced in the report.