We take a unique approach to economics and the role of gold. The article collections below cover the main economic theories that underlie Keith Weiner’s writings.

Yield Purchasing Power: Most people think in terms of purchasing power, that is, how much can one’s cash buy? Keith argues that rather than thinking of life savings as something to be liquidated, one should think in terms of Yield Purchasing Power.

Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency: These seven papers discuss how interest and prices are set under our current fiat paper system.

Unadulterated Gold Standard: In this five part series, Keith discusses why the world needs an Unadulterated Gold Standard.

Marginal Productivity of Debt: Understanding the marginal productivity of debt is key to understanding whether the amount of credit created is unsustainable, resulting in the failure of the monetary system and the loss of everyone’s savings.

Bitcoin: In this series of articles, Keith covers many of the reasons why bitcoin is unsound and not money and rather the very model of a (post)modern monetary marvel.

Basel III and Gold Resource Center: Visit this page and you’ll find everything you need to know about the landmark Basel III regulation and its impact on gold.

Recent Research Articles

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FAANG 2.0 Is Gold About To Go Mainstream? - Every week Merrill Lynch publishes a Capital Market Outlook Letter. The letters provide market commentary, research and analysis, and the occasional investment idea. Merrill Lynch (together with parent Bank of America) is the third largest brokerage firm, managing over $3 Trillion in client assets[1]. When a firm of that size speaks up, you should listen. […]
Heat Death of the Economic Universe Heat Death of the Economic Universe - In physics, the heat death of the universe occurs if all matter is moving apart. If it happens, it will be long after we’re gone. But there’s a troubling move towards the heat death of the economy. There is a diminishing return on debt. CEO Keith Weiner gives a lecture for the Ayn Rand Centre […]
Basel III and Gold Resource Center Basel III and Gold Resource Center - Welcome to the Basel III and Gold Resource Center! This page is for gold investors who want to understand the impact of Basel III regulations on gold. Monetary Metals has been covering Basel III since 2019. You’ll find all our videos and articles on Basel III and gold here. If you have a question we […]