Economics and Gold Research

We take a unique approach to economics and the role of gold. Each category below contains a collection of articles that correspond to the topic. In some cases, it’s a collection of all articles Keith has written on the subject. In other cases, such as the Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency, it’s a more formal series expounding the idea. Below you will find the main economic theories that underlie Keith Weiner’s writings, and the raison d’être of our company.

Yield Purchasing Power

Most people think in terms of purchasing power, that is, how much can one’s cash buy? Keith argues that rather than thinking of life savings as something to be liquidated, one should think in terms of Yield Purchasing Power.

Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency

These seven papers discuss how interest and prices are set under our current fiat paper system.

Unadulterated Gold Standard

In this five part series, Keith discusses why the world needs an Unadulterated Gold Standard.

Marginal Productivity of Debt

Understanding the marginal productivity of debt is key to understanding whether the amount of credit created is unsustainable, resulting in the failure of the monetary system and the loss of everyone’s savings.

Zombie Firms

Visit out this page to find the latest research and commentary on zombie firms. We continue to discuss economic zombification with top analysts and researchers from around the globe.

Bitcoin: Postmodern Money

In this series of articles, Keith covers many of the reasons why bitcoin is unsound and not money and rather the very model of a (post)modern monetary marvel.

Basel III and Gold Resource Center

Visit this page and you’ll find everything you need to know about the landmark Basel III regulation and its impact on gold.

Gold Investment Research and White Papers

In addition to Keith’s economics we publish research on the emerging role of gold as a pillar of building and managing wealth. Each of the research papers below covers an aspect of investing in gold, from comparing the different ways to invest in gold, to analyzing gold’s impact on a diversified portfolio of assets, to examining the risk-return spectrum of gold investments as it exists today. Each link below will take you to a landing page where you can enter your email to receive a free copy of the paper.

The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

Case for Gold Yield in Investment PortfoliosAdding gold to a diversified portfolio of assets reduces volatility and increases returns. But by how much? Is it really worth it? And what about the ongoing costs? What happens when gold starts to pay a yield? This paper answers those questions using data going back to 1972.

The New Way to Hold Gold

The New Way to Hold GoldIn this paper we look at how conventional gold holdings stack up to Monetary Metals Investments, which offer a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We compare retail coins, vault storage, the popular ETF – GLD, and mining stocks against Monetary Metals’ True Gold Leases.

Recent Research Articles

From time to time we publish a standalone article on a research theme. For a full list of our research articles, go here.

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Zombie Firms Zombies Corporations are Slowly Devouring the Economy - I spoke with zombie firm researcher Max Goebel to breakdown his findings on the nature and consequences of zombie lending. Max is a PhD student in Economics at the University of Lisbon and his been studying what many researchers missed. Max helped answer some questions on zombie lending which have been haunting me. What is […]