Active Leases

Monetary Metals® is in discussions with many businesses who need gold. To inquire about active lease opportunities or be notified of new leases as they arise, please fill in our inquiry form on the right or call one of our Relationship Managers at +1 (646) 653-9729.

GoldSilver Lease #1 (Gold) - Monetary Metals® is seeking offers from investors to lease gold to GoldSilver LLC to finance its Gold Without Borders Bullion JewelryTM range. Bullion JewelryTM is a discreet and portable asset with a unique history and reporting requirements. Each piece is as valuable as minted gold coins and bars with a purity of 22K (91.6%) or […]
Gold Exponential Fund Lease #1 (Gold & Silver) - Monetary Metals’ Gold Exponential Fund™ provides a way for investors to own gold and earn a yield, by trading between gold and silver. The Fund seeks to lease metal to enhance returns by swapping leased metal for the opposite metal and at the end of the lease, the metal is traded back and returned to […]