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new gold lease now open

Money Metals Exchange – Gold Lease Paying 2.25% Interest on Gold

Monetary Metals is leasing gold to Money Metals Exchange, a leading precious metals provider based in Idaho. Named Best Overall Online Gold Dealer for 2021 by Investopedia, Money Metals has been expanding its leases in platinum, silver & gold to accommodate an extended period of high demand for precious metals.

  • The gold lease is scheduled to open October 7
  • The gold  lease will pay 2.25% interest on gold
  • The gold lease has a one-year term


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L’Orfebre – Gold Lease

L’Orfebre, a European refinery, is leasing gold to increase its access to raw materials and expand production capacity. The initial lease tranche was raised off-market in October, and the interest rate is not yet published. A second tranche is anticipated, and that opportunity will be presented to investors.

gold lease funded

Valaurum Inc. – Gold Lease

Valaurum, Inc. produces the Aurum®. This lease will support the growth of their gold manufacturing business. This gold lease has been funded and is closed to new investors. The gold interest rate on this lease is 2.25%

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