Passive Income in Gold for Real Estate Investors

Dustin Heiner

Dustin Heiner is the founder of Master Passive Income, Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference (REWBCON) and Successfully Unemployed. He is a real estate investor who was able to make enough passive income from his business to quit his job when he was 37 years old. Dustin and Dickson discuss real estate investing, the similarities with […]

The Fate of the Dollar: Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner

The Fate of the Dollar: Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner

Brent Johnson, Jeff Deist, and Keith Weiner discuss the fate of the US Dollar at the 2023 New Orleans Investment Conference. Is there a debt level that will sink the dollar’s value? Can the BRICS countries offer a better currency? Where does gold fit in? Additional Resources Santiago Capital Brent Johnson Permanent Gold Backwardation Passive […]

Keith Weiner Interviewed on Ticker News

Ticker News

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner joins Ticker News Insight to talk about the emerging success of Monetary Metals’ gold bonds, failing fiat currencies, and what investors should expect from gold. Ticker News Insights focuses on the best of businesses minds from all around the world. Why might investors choose gold as a hedge to […]

Keith Weiner on Palisades Radio

Gold Palisades Radio

Vincent Lanci is the Owner and Founder of Echobay Partners LLC. In his appearance on the popular Gold Palisades Radio show, Lanci mentioned CEO Keith Weiner’s commentary in the annual In Gold We Trust Report. In the report Keith discusses gold backwardation and why gold is different than all other commodities. “Gold has been mined […]

Heat Death of the Economic Universe

Heat Death of the Economic Universe

In physics, the heat death of the universe occurs if all matter is moving apart. If it happens, it will be long after we’re gone. But there’s a troubling move towards the heat death of the economy. There is a diminishing return on debt. CEO Keith Weiner gives a lecture for the Ayn Rand Centre […]

CEO Keith Weiner on Real Talk with Zuby

Real Talk with Zuby

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner was on Real Talk with Zuby discussing the difference between gold and “digital gold”. In this episode Keith and Zuby get into Declining marginal productivity of value The problems with the dollar system Why is gold money? The inherent volatility of Bitcoin Investment vs Speculation Exponentially rising debt Make […]

Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner Interviewed on RealVision

Keith Weiner and Mike Green RealVision

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner sat down with Michael Green of RealVision to discuss how Monetary Metals increases gold’s value proposition by paying interest on gold and silver holdings and the inevitable debasement of fiat currencies. Keith and Mike discuss the inherent volatility of Bitcoin, Costco’s ability to maintain its price point, and the […]

Gold and the Death Blow to Crypto

Death Blow to Crypto

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner sits down with Matthew Piepenburg of Matterhorn Asset Management to discuss gold, fiat and crypto. What is real wealth? What’s the relationship between interest rates and Bitcoin? Do central banks know what they are doing? Matt and Keith sit down to discuss it all. Show Notes Gold Outlook Report […]

Ask Keith Anything, Part III

Ask Keith Anything

Welcome to the third installment of our Ask Keith Anything video series. We published the call for questions far and wide to our readership, and the response was overwhelming! We received questions from all over the world. Now we’ve published the results! In this episode, Keith answers your questions on Bitcoin,  supply chain bottlenecks, banking, […]

Ask Keith Anything, Part II

Ask Keith Anything

Thanks for all of those great questions you submitted! Watch Part I here. In Part II we cover questions on the risk-free rate of return, questions about Monetary Metals, Keith’s favorite Federal Reserve Board member, Lord of the Rings lore, and much more! Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and are […]