Nominal Dollar Interest vs Real Gold Interest

Nominal Dollar Interest vs Real Gold Interest

Are You Happy with Your Fixed Income Investments? Fixed income investing has become something like exercising on a stair climber – you’re exhausted but you haven’t gotten anywhere. Why? Yields have been falling for four decades. While interest in the U.S. dollar has not gone negative yet, it has for the Swiss franc, the euro, […]

We’re Hiring: Front End Software Engineer

Earn one ounce of gold with Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals is growing, and we’re looking for our next key hire: Front End Software Engineer. We’re giving an ounce of gold to whoever refers the successful candidate. If you know the perfect candidate for this role, please follow these instructions: Email with “I have a Golden Candidate” in the subject line In the body of the […]

Monetary Metals in Wealth Management, Townhall, Inside Sources, and Barron’s

Monetary Metals in the News

Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals were featured in several news outlets last month including Wealth Management Magazine, Townhall, Inside Sources, and a letter to the editor of Barron’s. Here’s a quick recap of each feature with a link to the original. InsideSources: Is the Gold Standard the Economist’s Punching Bag? Inside Sources ran an article […]

Is the Gold Standard the Economists’ Punching Bag?

The Gold Standard is Economists' Punching Bag

The following article was written by Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, as a counterpoint to this article, POINT: Should the US Return to the Gold Standard? No It was originally published at InsideSources, here: COUNTERPOINT: Is the Gold Standard the Economists’ Punching Bag? In many gyms, there is a punching bag in the corner. […]

Celebrating Five Years of Interest on Gold

Celebrating 5 Years of Interest on Gold

This month marks the five-year anniversary of Monetary Metals paying interest on gold. It was July 2016 when we offered our first Gold Fixed Income True Gold Lease. The gold lease was to Valaurum for manufacturing their flagship product, the Aurum®. It paid 3.0% interest on gold to investors (you can read the original press […]

Top Wealth Management Companies in Arizona

MM Named Top Wealth Management

At Monetary Metals, we’re always working hard to help our clients build real wealth, in real money. In other words, interest on gold and silver, paid in more gold and silver! We do that through our Gold Fixed Income offerings, which include gold leases and gold bonds. We were thrilled to be showcased as one […]

Basel III and Gold Resource Center

Basel III and Gold Resource Center

Welcome to the Basel III and Gold Resource Center! This page is for gold investors who want to understand the impact of Basel III regulations on gold. Monetary Metals has been covering Basel III since 2019. You’ll find all our videos and articles on Basel III and gold here. If you have a question we […]

Basel III and Gold – Central Bankers Locking the Fire Exits

Basel III and Gold - Central Banks Locking the Fire Exits

This is a special guest post by Ross Norman, CEO of Metals Daily. This article on Basel III and Gold is republished here with Ross’s permission.  To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail, said Mark Twain. So it is that pundits have interpreted forthcoming Basel III rules as simply an opportunity […]

Condo and Currency Collapse

Condo and Currency Collapse

On June 24, the Champlain Towers South condominium building fell, killing at least 24 people. The collapse of this building provides a surprising number of insights into the collapse of a currency. The following discussion is based on information that is emerging about the incident. Some of the particular details we cite may later prove […]

Roundtable on Basel III and the Gold Price

Roundtable Discussion of Basel III and Gold Price

Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion about the impact of Basel III regulations on the gold price. The conversation was hosted by Palisades Gold Radio. Keith was featured alongside Bob Coleman, Adrian Day and Vincent Lanci. While there continues to be a lot of confusion around the topic […]