What’s The Real Purpose of Money?


There is an old rhyme once used in economics books. “Money is a matter of functions four: a medium, a measure, a standard and a store.” Three of these functions are clear. A medium of exchange is what people use to pay for goods. A measure means that money is a way of measuring economic […]

Bitcoin: Better Than You Think

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The following is a guest submission from Monetary Metals client David S., responding to a recent article by CEO Keith Weiner. After learning of David’s perspective, we invited a published response in the spirit of  healthy debate & productive disagreement.     As a proponent of both gold and bitcoin, I have a few responses […]

The Problem with Record-Low Interest Rates

The Problem with Record-Low Interest Rates

Are you familiar with the GoldNewsletter podcast? They boast over 200 episodes on the topics of investment, economics, and geopolitics. This week, hosts Fergus Hodgson & Brien Lundin interviewed Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner on the topic of falling interest rates and how cheap borrowing comes at the expense of capital productivity.   Did you enjoy this […]

Reflections Over 2020

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Wow, it has been a heckuva year! One thought leads to another on this sunny-but-cool January 1. Having watched a few seasons of Forged in Fire, I’ve gained an appreciation of how difficult it is to pound and grind a lump of steel into a blade, even with power tools. There are many ways for […]

Open Letter to Gregory Mankiw, 7 December


Dear Professor Mankiw: I am writing in response to your article in the New York Times, “The Puzzle of Low Interest Rates”. I commend you for recognizing two important truths, which are missed by many other observers. One, that there has been a breathtaking drop in the interest rate over 40 years. Too many dismiss […]

COMING SOON: The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner

  ***UPDATE 12/4/2020: Listen to the podcast here: The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner ***     After receiving many requests to share his message in podcast form, CEO Keith Weiner has finally taken the plunge! We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Gold Exchange, where Keith untangles market and policy complexity using […]

Money Answers Show: Precious Metals Amid The Pandemic


CEO Keith Weiner appeared on The Money Answers Show with host Jordan Goodman this week. They covered a variety of topics, including: Monday’s gold dive The logistics of leasing gold A dilemma facing pension fund money managers What we can expect if the complete agenda of Democrats goes into effect Enjoy the show!   Transcript […]

Why Austrian Economics Is on the Rise


Are you familiar with the GoldNewsletter podcast? They boast over 200 episodes on the topics of investment, economics, and geopolitics. This week host Fergus Hodgson interviewed Monetary Metals’ Relationship Manager Dickson Buchanan, inquiring why interest in Austrian Economics is on the rise. Hodgson stated,   My fear is that we have a cart-before-the-horse scenario.  Where people […]

Gold and Alternative Investments Conference 2020

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We recently posted a 2-part video chat with Kerry Stevenson & CEO Keith Weiner, related to promoting the upcoming Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November. An annual event, November’s gathering will be virtual. You can register for the event, here. Although we published an article last fall summarizing Keith’s keynote address at […]

The Future of Gold and Money: A Roundtable Discussion

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It was quite the cast of interesting characters: one of them began fighting for legal gold ownership back in 1972, one was influenced by Ronald Reagan’s unfulfilled campaign promise to return to the gold standard, and one was a long-time student of objectivism who suddenly had assets to protect. In this entertaining roundtable discussion led […]