We’re Hiring a Financial Controller

Earn Gold for Financial Controller Hire

Monetary Metals & Co. is growing and we’re looking for our next key hire, Financial Controller. This individual will lead the company’s financial reporting, develop and maintain a system of internal controls to protect client assets, and liaison with independent auditors and external tax advisors to facilitate annual audits and tax returns. Earn an ounce […]

James Delingpole Interviews Keith Weiner on the Delingpod

James Delingpole invited Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner on his show to discuss how to prepare for the coming hyperinflation. This wide-ranging conversation includes the fundamental reasons for investing in gold and silver and Monetary Metals’ Gold Fixed Income investments, which pay interest on gold and silver. They discussed why John Maynard Keynes was a […]

Wall Street Silver Interviews Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner

The official Wall Street Silver Reddit channel invited Keith, CEO of Monetary Metals, on their youtube channel to discuss the precious metals markets. Keith provides analysis on where he thinks gold and silver prices are headed this year, and how things have changed for the US dollar system since Covid-19. They also discuss Keith’s theory […]

Monetary Metals Issues Gold Token

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Scottsdale, Ariz, April 1, 2021— Monetary Metals® announces that it has issued a gold token. Unlike the company’s other products, this one is not designed to pay a yield. In a sign of the times, the company intends this product to generate big speculative gains. It is designed to GO UP! It is (at issue […]

Is Gold the Next Bitcoin?

The Ayn Rand Centre UK invited Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner on their show, The Daily Objective, hosted by Jonathan Hoenig and Seth Levine. In this episode, Jonathan and Seth ask Keith his thoughts on the gold market, NFT’s and cryptocurrencies, and whether or not the broader macroeconomic background is favorable to gold. They discuss […]

The Theory of Interest and Prices

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What do a famous broken bridge and Jimi Hendrix have in common with monetary effects on consumer prices? Short answer: a dynamic system & positive feedback. CEO Keith Weiner recently presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2021, discussing his upcoming paper, The Theory of Interest and Prices. In the video below, he discusses: The […]

What’s The Real Purpose of Money?


There is an old rhyme once used in economics books. “Money is a matter of functions four: a medium, a measure, a standard and a store.” Three of these functions are clear. A medium of exchange is what people use to pay for goods. A measure means that money is a way of measuring economic […]

Private Debt Investor: Monetary Metals Issues Gold Bond

In January 2021, Monetary Metals announced the issuance of a bond paying principal and interest in gold – the first proper gold bond in 87 years. Robin Blumenthal of PEI Media covered the story in Private Debt Investor. Read the full article, Monetary Metals Issues Gold Bond, on their website. (Free registration required).  

Bitcoin: Better Than You Think

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The following is a guest submission from Monetary Metals client David S., responding to a recent article by CEO Keith Weiner. After learning of David’s perspective, we invited a published response in the spirit of  healthy debate & productive disagreement.     As a proponent of both gold and bitcoin, I have a few responses […]

Financial Advisor: Gold Grows As Dollar Weakens

In January 2021, Monetary Metals announced the issuance of a bond paying principal and interest in gold – the first proper gold bond in 87 years. Karen DeMasters from Financial Advisor Magazine covered the story. Read the full article, Gold Grows as Dollar Weakens, on the Financial Advisor website.