Open Letter to Lex Fridman and Michael Saylor

Lex Fridman Podcast

Gentlemen: I am writing to you in response to your Podcast #276. The first thing I want to say is—well done! You talked about economics and money for four hours and attracted over two million viewers. The monetary system faces grave problems and discussing them is important. Purchasing Power and Yield Purchasing Power Michael, you […]

It’s Time for TINA to Retire

Time for TINA to Retire

To listen to the audio version of this article click here. In the world of trends, history repeats more than it rhymes. Things which were considered “in” decades ago, reemerge as cool again decades later. From mom jeans to vinyl records and even Marxist ideology. The spotlight of today turns to things—both good and bad—once […]

CEO Keith Weiner on MishTV


CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner joins Mike “Mish” Shedlock on MishTV to talk Russia, the Ruble and the US dollar. Mish is a registered investment advisor for SitkaPacific Capital Management and runs a global economics blog called MishTalk. Mish has also raised $500,000 for the Les Turner ALS foundation and was their 2012 man […]

Monetary Metals April Fools Articles

April Fools Gold Troll

Here at Monetary Metals we take our mission seriously. And there’s nothing we take more seriously then giving our clients a good laugh on the first of every April. Whether it’s a chortle, snicker, chuckle, or full on guffaw, it’s become a standing tradition to try and elicit any and all kinds of laughs with […]

The Halo Effect

gold halo

It’s not fair. It seems everything claims to be <something something> gold. Oil is black gold. Melted cheese is liquid gold. There’s even red gold, a tomato company. It’s just not fair! It seems like a one-way street. They get to use (without paying!) the good name of gold, but gold gets nothing from them. […]

Human Action in the Silver Market

Human Action Silver Market

Listen to the audio version of this article here. We have recently seen an increase in social media posts about the big increase in short positions by the bullion banks. What would motivate them to short a commodity during this period of inflation, much less a monetary metal when central banks are printing money with […]

Robbie the Fire Breakdown

Run Your Mouth

Dear RobbieTheFire and fans, Our CEO Keith Weiner talked about so many interesting and counterintuitive topics with Rob on Run Your Mouth that we thought it would be nice to give viewers a breakdown of their conversion and link to the articles and research covered. Zombies First, zombie corporations. Zombie corporations are essentially public companies […]

Six Reasons Why Gold is the Best Money

To listen to the audio version of this article click here. J.P. Morgan is famous for testifying before Congress saying “money is gold, and nothing else.” But why is gold so uniquely suited to be money? Here are our top six reasons why we think gold is the best money, and why dollars and bitcoin […]

How Much is the Gold Cube Worth?

Castello Cube

Listen to the audio version of this article here. Here at Monetary Metals we love providing investors with A Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. So when we heard that German artist Niclas Castello designed a 186 kilogram pure 24-karat gold cube called the “Castello Cube” as an art installation in the middle of Central […]

How Not to Think About Gold

How Not to think about gold

Monetary Metals has been covering gold and silver markets for over ten years. Throughout that time, there’s been no shortage of new and old commentators talking about the drivers of gold and silver prices.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of this analysis is just plain wrong. Whether it’s a company trying to sell you something, or […]