Corporate Advisory


In addition to our financing services, where we advise precious metal businesses on how to utilize leasing as an alternative to funding their working inventories, Monetary Metals® offers bespoke consulting services for business in the precious metals industry.

For established businesses, we can provide a fresh eye over operational or strategic issues. Why engage conventional management consultants who have no knowledge of the unique challenges that precious metals present when you can access decades of industry experience?

If you are an entrepreneur who has identified an opportunity to build a “Gold 2.0” business, a critical but supportive (we are gold entrepreneurs, too) review of your business plan early in strategy development can avoid unnecessary, expensive pivots later.


For sovereigns looking for a solution, Monetary Metals® can provide advice on how to transition to a system where debt can be extinguished, with policies that allow a stable system, with profit and loss incentives providing a feedback mechanism.

Monetary Metals’ policy recommendations are based on a simple conclusion: the present monetary system is flawed in that it lacks an extinguisher of debt. Debts are paid in dollars or other irredeemable paper currency, but this paper is merely the liability of a central bank. Debt does not go out of existence when it is paid in dollars. Indeed, more debt must be issued to pay the interest owed. The result is that debt must increase exponentially. As this is not sustainable, crises are inevitable.

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