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Monetary Metals® takes an unconventional approach to economics and precious metal market analysis. At the core of our thinking is the idea of incentives. Largely unnoticed by most people, incentives motivate people to act – be it the entrepreneur who sees an opportunity to profit from meeting the needs of others, or the arbitrageur who keeps markets aligned and efficient by profiting from divergences in prices.

We have several different content offerings for the interested reader.

Our Supply and Demand Report is a timely newsletter that chronicles the changing dynamics of the fundamental and speculative forces driving gold and silver prices. Our view is that analysis of price spreads can often reveal more about the supply and demand balance (or imbalance) in the market than looking at just the price movements themselves.

The Gold Exchange Report and Podcast, where we use timeless economic principles to untangle market and policy complexities so you can truly understand the present, and be better prepared for the future. This is where our unique approach to economics, and Keith’s groundbreaking research, shine through in practical ways for investors.

Our blog is great resource for short posts on contemporary economic and precious metal market issues.

For more detailed discussion of our unique economic views, such as the concept of yield purchasing power, the theory of interest and prices in paper currency, bitcoin, and others, check out our Research Page.

Lastly, our YouTube channel contains hundreds of interviews, discussions, and presentations given by Keith and others on everything you’ll find here in video form. Check it out below:

Here’s a sample of our most recently published work in each category:

Supply and Demand Reports

Supply and Demand Report Silver Fever, or Silver Fading? - We finally had a resolution, of sorts, in silver. Since April 13, we have had a falling price of silver (indicated as a rising price of the dollar, as measured in silver). And along with this price trend, a growing scarcity of the metal to the market (i.e. the cobasis, the red line). Indeed, the […]
Supply and Demand Report Silver Update: Scarcity Gets More Extreme - Listen to the audio version of this article here. Since our last silver article, the price of silver has dropped. With due respect to Frederic Bastiat, the price is the seen. The basis mostly goes unseen. We will take a look at the market data, revised for a few more days of trading. Warren Buffett, […]

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Gold Exchange Podcasts

Ep 50 - Brent Johnson: Has the Dollar Milkshake Spilled or Just Begun? Ep 50 – Brent Johnson: Has the Dollar Milkshake Spilled or Just Begun? - Is the dollar heading to new heights or new lows? Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital joins the Gold Exchange Podcast LIVE in New Orleans! Listen to Brent discuss the historic rise of the DXY, the effects on (d)emerging markets, and how he sees a currency and sovereign debt crisis playing out. Will Powell be able […]
Ep 49 - Lawrence Lepard: Fighting the Broken Monetary System Ep 49 – Larry Lepard: Fighting the Broken Monetary System - Fix the money, fix the world! Larry Lepard, Managing Partner at Equity Management Associates and vocal sound money advocate, joins the Gold Exchange Podcast LIVE in New Orleans! Listen to Ben and Larry discuss the Fed’s doom loop, the dollar parabola problem, and what investors might consider as their monetary escape hatch. Connect with Larry […]

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Blog Posts

New Hire Monetary Metals is Hiring a Junior Accountant - Monetary Metals is growing, and we’re looking for our next key hire: Junior Accountant. We’re giving an ounce of gold to whoever refers the successful candidate. If you know the perfect candidate for this role, please follow these instructions: Email with “I have a Golden Candidate” in the subject line In the body of the email include: […]
Ticker News Keith Weiner Interviewed on Ticker News - CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner joins Ticker News Insight to talk about the emerging success of Monetary Metals’ gold bonds, failing fiat currencies, and what investors should expect from gold. Ticker News Insights focuses on the best of businesses minds from all around the world. Why might investors choose gold as a hedge to […]

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Research Articles

Zombie Firms Zombies Corporations are Slowly Devouring the Economy - I spoke with zombie firm researcher Max Goebel to breakdown his findings on the nature and consequences of zombie lending. Max is a PhD student in Economics at the University of Lisbon and his been studying what many researchers missed. Max helped answer some questions on zombie lending which have been haunting me. What is […]
FAANG 2.0 Is Gold About To Go Mainstream? - Every week Merrill Lynch publishes a Capital Market Outlook Letter. The letters provide market commentary, research and analysis, and the occasional investment idea. Merrill Lynch (together with parent Bank of America) is the third largest brokerage firm, managing over $3 Trillion in client assets[1]. When a firm of that size speaks up, you should listen. […]

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