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We’ve been paying interest on gold and silver to clients for over six years. Our Monetary Metals Reviews page contains everything our clients have to say about their experience working with us. In addition to an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, we also have reviews on the independent industry site

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“Investing in precious metals leases and bonds is a no-brainer. I love Monetary Metals!”

“Your efforts give investors like me great confidence in this world of never-ending currency debasement.”

“I love earning more gold and silver on my gold and silver holdings!”

“Monetary Metals provides GBI a cost effective and reliable source of inventory financing for our exciting line of luxury gold jewelry.”

“Thank you! We now have a more diversified portfolio – and we sleep better at night.”

“It really works! I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’ve earned over 2 ounces of gold interest since I started out.”

“I truly believe we live in a financially unsound, manipulated world. I wish more US citizens understood sound money vs currency. I am going to start actively marketing your services to my fellow professionals, as I believe it is a great way to diversify one’s portfolio.”

“I look forward to receiving the notification that a new Monetary Metals article is available, particularly the blogs by Keith Weiner. His writing entertains me, gives me a historical and current economic context, and challenges me to think about money in terms of precious metals.”

“Monetary Metals has become an excellent financing solution for our company. We’re proud to participate in a program which is working globally to remonetize precious metals, and we’re also gratified to be paying lease fees to precious metals investors rather than paying interest to bankers!”

“This is the best explanation of the different gold markets that I’ve seen. Thanks very much!”

“How interesting to see the precious metals come into focus recently. I am so proud to be associated with you folks.”

“One thing I’m (re-) learning from this episode is that there’s a vanishingly small number of commentators on markets who actually *understand anything* about markets. Thank you, Keith, for being on the opposite side of that trade!”

“Keith Weiner is the only one I know who’s working on a solution to the big problems we face. I can confidently say I have a better grasp of where we’re headed, thanks to Keith.”

“Monetary Metals performed extensive due diligence on the borrower, and closely monitored the performance of the bond. And it paid off. My clients and I were able to obtain exposure to gold, and an attractive yield. That’s a win-win in today’s investment environment. I’m very pleased with the results.”

It was great working together as a team with Monetary Metals to create a compelling offer for our company and shareholders which will now bring into production the world-class grade deposit in Segele.

“That’s the whole point of what you’re all doing at MM: to get away from speculation on price changes and instead get interest income on the metal. There’s nothing better than seeing your account accrue interest each month”

“Monetary Metals’ gold financing is providing access to development capital required to unlock the value within our project while minimizing traditional finance complexity and lowering gold price risk for us.”

“Monetary Metals has delivered from the start. A client since 2017, I’m now an equity investor. In addition to paying me interest on my physical gold and silver holdings as promised, this company is also solving one of the largest problems we face today – a deteriorating financial system.”

“I value quality over quantity, and tend more toward risk aversion, this is precisely what I’m looking for.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Monetary-Metals…My only regret is that I didn’t become a client sooner!”

“Thank you very much for the weekly reports and the articles on purposeful devaluation of the currency, the true history of modern/postmodern slavery, wickedness of Keynes, gold standard, Basel, devaluation of the Swiss Franc and so on. Everything is so insightful.”

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