Data Science (charts)

To help empower gold investors and industrial users, and bring transparency back to the market, Monetary Metals® makes available its unique range of charts based on Keith Weiner’s view that price spreads and arbitrage are key drivers of market activity.

In addition to the basis and cobasis, which form the foundation of our weekly Supply and Demand Report, we also provide indicative inter-bank wholesale gold and silver forward rates and derived lease rates (important to mining companies, refiners, jewelers, and other users of gold). The charts are updated each day early New York/midday London.

To produce these charts, Monetary Metals® begins with a millisecond accurate tick history of bids and offers for spot and futures markets, licensed from Thomson Reuters. However, this one terabyte of raw data stream is noisy, containing glitches, reflecting ephemeral conditions in the real world as well as spurious noise. Monetary Metals® then applies Data Science and unconventional proprietary techniques derived from the field of digital signal processing to this real world data to make it useful.

For an insight into some of Monetary Metals’ calculation techniques, see How Monetary Metals Calculates Its Forward Rates or join in the discussion on the Chart Chat page.