Keith Weiner, Founder and CEO

Keith Weiner, Founder and CEO of Monetary Metals

Keith Weiner is the founder and CEO of Monetary Metals, an investment firm that is unlocking the productivity of gold. Most people regard gold as a dry asset, to lock away in a vault, incurring storage fees. Many are waiting for it to rise in price.

Keith and Monetary Metals are on a mission to change this.

Gold should once again serve to finance productive enterprises and extinguish debts. The dollar performs one of these functions, but not the other. Bitcoin cannot finance anything, as no business can borrow a currency that’s expected to go up a hundred times. Gold is the one thing that fills both roles, par excellence.

Keith writes and speaks extensively, based on his unique views of gold, the dollar, credit, the bond market, and interest rates. When he is not working on the business, he is developing his theory of monetary science, and an arbitrage theory of economics.

Keith also serves as founder and President of the Gold Standard Institute USA. His work was instrumental in the passing of gold legal tender laws in the state of Arizona in 2017. He has met with central bankers, legislators, and government officials around the world.

The appearances listed below are just highlights of Keith’s full range of interviews, publications & presence in the media over the past 8 years.

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Tom Bodrovics interviews Keith about a digital currency being considered by the Federal Reserve.


Interview by SBTV’s Patrick Vierra with Keith in Malaysia, about Why Basel III is Not Good For Gold.

Larry Elder, aka “The Sage of South Central,” and Keith discuss the events leading up to the U.S. leaving the gold standard in 1971, and why we need it today.

David Gornoski of A Neighbor’s Choice on Florida’s WFLA & WHBO interviews Keith about the state of our economy, the real reason behind the fall of the GDP, the potential of cryptocurrency, and earning interest on gold.




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Additional Interviews of Keith Weiner

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The Gold Newsletter Podcast – Fergus Hodgson & Brien Lundin, interview Keith Weiner on The Problem with Record-Low Interest Rates, discussing how cheap borrowing comes at the expense of capital productivity.


Jason Stapleton of Wealth, Power & Influence  interviews Keith on gold, monetary policy, and inflation.


Jay Taylor MediaIn this interview, Keith explains how permanent backwardation measured in the Swiss franc guarantees its collapse and what that may mean for the post Bretton Woods dollar-based system as a whole.

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Financial Survival Network – In this interview, Keith discusses his concepts of Yield Purchasing Power and the Marginal Productivity of Debt. They help shed light on where the economy really is.