Keith Weiner, Founder and CEO

CEO Keith Weiner is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and utilize gold. After founding DiamondWare, a software company sold to Nortel in 2008, Keith shattered the conventional notion of gold as a dead asset locked away in vaults and burdened by storage fees by founding Monetary Metals, the Gold Yield Marketplace™.

Keith realized that the traditional approach of buying and selling gold has no effect on the complex problems facing our financial system. While gold prices may continue to rise, this does nothing to resolve the relentless falling of interest rates or the mounting weight of global debt.

The truth is that the journey back to gold is through the earning of interest, not mere price appreciation.

As the CEO of Monetary Metals and the President of the Gold Standard Institute, Keith’s expert understanding of economics, the gold market, and entrepreneurship are sought out by central bankers, legislators, family offices, investment conferences and numerous other venues across the globe.

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