Monetary Metals In the News

Two In-Depth Interviews

Keith had two more in-depth, ideaful interviews. Keith was interviewed on the Jason Stapleton Program. Keith had a lively discussion with Peter Bell and Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist.

Keith Weiner Interviews

I have had a busy schedule of interviews. The Nevada gold bond has been a hot topic, and more interviews are coming. Here are 9 interviews so far. Jay Taylor May 16: June 6: July 17: Kerry Lutz June 18: SmaulGLD July 4: Money Metals July 13: Wayne Allyn […]

Nevada Introduces Gold Bond Legislation

Assemblyman Jim Marchant announced the Nevada Gold and Silver Enabling Act on July 2. This is an idea that Keith has been developing and writing about for many years. He submitted a paper to the Wolfson Prize proposing how to use gold bonds to avert financial armageddon, retire debt, ensure all creditors are paid in full in […]

Epoch Times: Getting Gold Back Into the System

By Valentin Schmid, Epoch Times, December 29, 2016 Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, … recognizes the weaknesses in the fiat-based monetary system, like close to zero interest rates for savers and too much debt. He also recommends that people hold a certain amount of gold. But he’s found that rather than waiting for a […]

FinSMEs: Monetary Metals Raises over $506K in Equity Funding

By FinSMEs, November 23, 2016 Monetary Metals, a Scottsdale, AZ-based gold investment firm, raised over $506k in equity funding. The pre-money valuation of Monetary Metals was $3m. The backers were not disclosed. The company plans to use the proceeds to accelerate its gold fixed-income product, its marketing including the launch of an important gold market […]