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The Anti-Concepts of Money: Store of Value

If you’ve read the previous essays on Purchasing Power, Inflation, and Money from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept: Store of Value The Anti-Concept of a Store of Value Another anti-concept is store of value. The very term evokes a picture of a container. You pour water into the container, […]

Keith’s World Tour Summer 2023

Where in the world is Keith Weiner? I set out on the road, for another around-the-world trip, on June 13. My stops include: Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, and London. My twin purposes are to raise awareness of Monetary Metals, and meet prospective clients. They are mostly corporations who can bring […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Inflation

If you’ve read the previous essays on Purchasing Power, Velocity, and Money from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Inflation The Anti-Concept of Inflation  The Anti-Concept of Purchasing Power leads us to the Anti-Concept of Inflation.  That pseudo-equation already smuggles that any increase in the quantity of money causes […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: What Is Money?

If you’ve read the Introduction to this Anti-Concepts of Money Series then we are ready to address money. The Anti-Concept of Money Merriam-Webster says money is:  “something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.”  Wikipedia says:  “Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Introduction

This essay is more philosophical than my typical writing. The reason is that I need to say something very important, that flies against everyone’s deeply held beliefs about money. And to get to the root of the issue, I must check and challenge the very concepts with which people think about the subject, in order […]

Reflections Over 2022

The life of an entrepreneur is not what most people would call “normal”. I don’t refer to the guy who buys a fast-food franchise. Nor to the gal who builds a chain of hair salons. Nor to the folks who have law or accounting firms. These are all entrepreneurship. I don’t know a lot about […]

The Bitcoin Perfection Problem

We were going through some old bitcoin articles and realized we had a draft of an article Keith wrote that we never published. Better late than never! We hope you enjoy.  Listen to the audio version of this article here. The History of Technological Innovation Bitcoin has an intractable problem, and it is intrinsic to […]

Silver Fever, or Silver Fading?

We finally had a resolution, of sorts, in silver. Since April 13, we have had a falling price of silver (indicated as a rising price of the dollar, as measured in silver). And along with this price trend, a growing scarcity of the metal to the market (i.e. the cobasis, the red line). Indeed, the […]

The Russians (Propaganda) Are Coming!

The headline reads “Moscow World Standard to Destroy LBMA’s Monopoly in Precious Metals Pricing”. Wow! Could it be? Is this it?! The gold revaluation we’ve all been waiting for! Someone, who has the power, will give us a venue in which we can sell our gold at its true price… how does $50,000 sound, eh? […]