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L’Orfebre – Gold Lease Paying 2.5% Interest on Gold

Monetary Metals® announces that it has leased gold to L’Orfebre, a European refinery, to increase its access to raw materials and expand production capacity.

This lease closed Tuesday, January 3rd.


Valaurum – Gold Lease Paying 2.25% Interest on Gold

Valaurum, Inc. was created to make precious metal ownership and investment available to all people. Its primary product is the Aurum®, a thin layer of gold or other precious metal sandwiched between layers of protective polyester, containing precisely 1/4, 1/10 or 1/20 gram of pure 24K gold and featuring industry-leading anti-counterfeiting technology.

This lease closed Monday, December 12.


Gold Bullion International – Gold Lease Paying 2% Interest on Gold

Monetary Metals is leasing gold to Gold Bullion International, to support the rapid growth of GBI’s fine 24k gold jewelry business, Auvere™ ( The metal is held in the form of jewelry inventory. This leases is now closed.

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