The Gold Exponential Fund

The Gold Exponential Fund™ is a managed, private investment created to meet the needs of sophisticated accredited investors looking for a gold investment that isn’t based on hope that the price of gold will rise.

The Fund’s objective is to increase the amount of physical gold an investor owns by trading it for silver when silver is outperforming gold—i.e., going up in gold terms—and converting the silver back to gold at other times.

Trading the gold:silver ratio, rather than price alone, has long been a favored strategy for investors who maintain a permanent allocation to precious metals within their overall portfolio. While simple in theory, the complex interplay between two metals with often divergent fundamental price drivers and speculative forces makes implementation of the strategy challenging.

To avoid the price noise and catch the big moves, the Fund utilizes proprietary measures of value developed by Monetary Metals® founder Keith Weiner. Unlike technical analysis or trend-following techniques, we believe these measures separate fundamental and speculative forces to identify whichever metal, gold or silver, is undervalued or overvalued in the market. Like any value investor, the Fund seeks to buy when the asset is undervalued.

Vaulting physical metal outside the banking system to avoid counterparty risk, the Fund’s returns are generated without the use of futures, options, or derivatives (though the Fund may judiciously use leverage via leased metal to enhance its returns).

If the idea of profiting from growing your gold (aside from any possible price appreciation) appeals, then download a presentation on the Gold Exponential Fund™, fill in our inquiry form on the right or contact one of our Relationship Managers at .