Keith Interviewed by, Jay Taylor, and Kerry Lutz

Mises.Org Podcast

“Central bankers dismiss gold as a relic, even as they buy up more of it. Politicians dismiss gold as money they don’t control and can’t expand. Holders dismiss gold as outdated tech. And investors dismiss gold as a static metal paying no yields. So why does gold still matter? Why does it hold value over millennia? Why does it threaten inflationist governments? Why does it seem to be flowing West to East? Why does an ounce of it still trade for more than $1,000, if the critics are right? This is the comprehensive show on gold and its enduring role in today’s economy, with Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals.”

Jay Taylor Interview

“Keith Weiner, CEO & Founder of Monetary Metals, talks about our unsustainable economy and how both political parties are diagnosing and prescribing unworkable remedies.”

Kerry Lutz Interview

“Is Paul Volker a legend or a myth? He’s largely credited as the man who broke the back of inflation. While he vigorously attacked inflation through double digit interest rates, but that was after the Fed had dramatically raised the money supply and caused the inflationary wave we were suffering through. History will be the judge of interest rate manipulation.”

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