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The Anti-Concepts of Money: Velocity

Anti-Concept Velocity

If you’ve read the What is Money? essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Velocity. That pseudo-equation MV=PQ described in the What is Money? essay leads us to the anti-concept velocity.   The Anti-Concept of Velocity Even in the gold standard, money supply is not a physical object that […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: What Is Money?

The Anti-Concept of Money Series

If you’ve read the Introduction to this Anti-Concepts of Money Series then we are ready to address money. The Anti-Concept of Money Merriam-Webster says money is:  “something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.”  Wikipedia says:  “Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted […]

Widening Bid-Ask Spreads, Gold and Silver Market Report 17 February

The price of gold rose $14 and the price of silver fell $0.07. The gold-silver ratio rose further with this price action. Welcome to our new Gold and Silver Market Report, or “Market Report” for short. We are separating this from the economics essay, which was attached for many years. As they used to say […]

The Spreads Blow Out, Update 1 May

The bid-ask spread of both (spot) gold and silver has blown out. Both, on March 1. In gold, the spread had been humming along around 13 cents—gold is the most marketable commodity, and this is the proof, a bid-ask spread around 1bps—until… *BAM!* It explodes to around 35 cents, or two and half times as […]

Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency Part II (Mechanics)

In Part I, we looked at the concepts of nonlinearity, dynamics, multivariate, state, and contiguity. We showed that whatever the relationship may be between prices and the money supply in irredeemable paper currency, it is not a simple matter of rising money supply –> rising prices. Here is a fitting footnote for Part I. I […]