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Best Episodes of 2023

Best of 2023 Gold Exchange podcast

The Gold Exchange podcast features top guests who help untangle market complexity and offer their takes on how economic and policy changes affect global financial markets. Although we’ve had many incredible guests appear on the podcast we thought we would share our Top 5 most popular episodes of 2023! Doomberg The team behind the little […]

Ep-60 Doomberg: The Rules Don’t Matter Anymore

Doomberg: The Rules Don't Matter Anymore

Doomberg joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the green energy pivot, whether a nuclear renaissance is possible, why the rules don’t matter anymore, and what it means for the future. Follow Doomberg on Twitter (@DoombergT) and on Substack Connect with Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @RealKeithWeiner @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Doomberg Substack Why […]

Ep 44 – Dominic Frisby: Inflation of Political Stupidity

Ep 44 - Dominic Frisby: Inflation of Political Stupidity

Comedian, commentator, and author Dominic Frisby joins Ben and Keith LIVE in New Orleans for a special edition of the Gold Exchange podcast. Dominic untangles the mess that’s happening in the UK including the movements in the pound and gilt markets as well as their latest tax and energy policies. With Liz Truss stepping down […]