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How To Stay Ahead Of The Fed

Are we simply cogs in the monetary machine? In the first episode of Debased, Jeff Deist explains why he joined Monetary Metals, what will happen with the banking crisis, and how to profitably align monetary economics to shape a better financial future. Connect with Jeff and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @JeffDeist @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Why […]

Monetary Metals Launches Online Client Portal 

Scottsdale, Ariz – May 23, 2023 – Monetary Metals is pleased to announce the launch of its online client portal. In addition to multi-factor authentication and other security infrastructure, the portal includes: View of account balances, in ounces or dollars Cumulative graph of total interest earned in gold and silver All current lease and bond positions […]

Keith Weiner’s Macroeconomic Equation

Macroeconomists, it is said, have physics envy. Physicists measure how gasses behave as temperature, pressure, and mass of gas molecules are changed, and write an equation to describe the relationship between these variables: PV = nRT (P = pressure, V = volume, n = amount of gas, R = ideal gas constant, and T = […]

The Risks of Safe Deposit Boxes

In the past, safe deposit boxes at local banks were considered a secure way to store valuable documents, jewelry, cash, and even physical precious metals. However, the changing landscape of commercial banks and recent events have shed light on the potential risks involved. This article will delve into the reasons why safe deposit boxes may […]

Did Argentina Just De-Dollarize?

Argentina recently made headlines with its announcement that it plans to pay for its imports from China in Yuan. Inevitably, gold commentators jumped to the spurious conclusion that this decision signals another step towards “de-dollarization.” Let’s be clear: this is not the case. As much as we oppose the perversities of the US dollar system, […]

Ep-60 Doomberg: The Rules Don’t Matter Anymore

Doomberg joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss the green energy pivot, whether a nuclear renaissance is possible, why the rules don’t matter anymore, and what it means for the future. Follow Doomberg on Twitter (@DoombergT) and on Substack Connect with Keith Weiner and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @RealKeithWeiner @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Doomberg Substack Why […]