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The Federal Reserve – A Study In Fraud

Guest Post: By Monty Pelerin In a previous article entitled “Government: ‘A Seedy Circus … Perpetually In Debt’,” government was likened to Larsen E. Whipsnade, the character played by the one-of-a-kind W. C. Fields in the 1939 movie “You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man.” Characterizing Leviathan government as an individual, even one as large as Whipsnade,  was a […]

Guest Post: Cyprus – A Stock Market Dies

Author: Pater Tenebrarum What Happens Usually After Big Bear Markets Conclude? If we look back at the history of big bear markets in stocks, they normally put in a definitive low either at the height of a panic (a spike low), or after an extended period of disinterest, during which the market usually declines considerably further […]

Guest Post: The Big Picture by Alex Manzara

The big picture over the past few months is that markets are experiencing one large adjustment after another, perhaps analogous to the shifting of tectonic plates that create rolling earthquakes and various aftershocks.  The first large move was the fall in the yen (rise in dollar/yen), and the change in sentiment towards Apple (AAPL) which […]

Government Knows What’s Best For You

In an effort to “protect” Americans from falling prey to financial scams, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to help you in making investment decisions. See here. In an attempt to provide clarity on the Bureau’s statements, we have provided the following translation. “We, The Bureau, believe that the average American is not capable […]