The Gold Exchange Podcast

Episode 15: Inflation’s Inconvenient Complexities, Part 1

Ep 15 inflation header

There’s been a lot of talk of inflation lately, with predictions in the media running from one extreme to the other. Most folks define inflation simply as “rising prices.” But as John Flaherty and CEO Keith Weiner discuss in this week’s episode, it’s not that simple. There are a number of intricacies to be aware […]

Episode 14: Unexpected Insights On Fractional Reserve Banking


Our previous episode on “money printing” veered into fractional reserve banking at a few points, so this week John Flaherty and Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner dive into that topic. In this episode, you’ll discover: . 4 traits that determine legitimate credit, versus counterfeit credit What many alarmists incorrectly presume about this system The concept […]

Episode 13: The Pressing Problem With “Money Printing”

Ep 13 - money printing header

The phrase “money printing” conjures images of a giant printing press spitting out sheets of hundred dollar bills somewhere in the basement of the Fed. But is that what’s actually happening lately? Absolutely not. Join John Flaherty and Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner for a conversation that will likely make you say “WOW!” or “Whaaat?” […]

Episode 12: The Yield Purchasing Power Paradigm

Ep 12 - yield purchasing power

Most people think in terms of purchasing power: how much can one’s cash buy? In this week’s episode, CEO Keith Weiner & John Flaherty discuss an alternate perspective. Instead of spending your capital, what if you invested it to earn a return? What can that return buy? Along the way you’ll learn: The concept of […]

Episode 11: The Common Ground Between Bitcoin & Gold


Is there common ground among the proponents of gold and bitcoin? John Flaherty and CEO Keith Weiner take on that question in this episode. They also discuss: What bitcoin has been able to accomplish that gold hasn’t What gold and bitcoin have in common A billionaire’s comments regarding a bitcoin bubble Why ‘engineered money’ may […]

Episode 10: Investing Principles for Precious Metals Investors

Ep10 - investing principles

This week’s episode is the result of many questions submitted by listeners. Such as: Should I invest in silver or gold? What are the main things I need to consider? Can you help me understand what the Fed is doing? Does it make sense to borrow in order to invest in precious metals? Along the […]

Episode 9: Using Gold Bonds to Avert Financial Armageddon

using gold bonds to avert financial armageddon

Our current financial environment with massive, growing debt and an irredeemable currency has many investors asking if that debt can ever be paid off. Is it even possible to close this chapter and move on to an honest monetary system? In this week’s episode of The Gold Exchange, John Flaherty & CEO Keith Weiner discuss […]

Episode 8: Why The Dollar Isn’t Money – PART 2


In a prior episode, we introduced the distinction between money and fiat currency, discussing what gives the dollar – or any fiat currency – its value. Now, we continue that conversation discussing additional characteristics of money, and illustrate how a false definition of money can lead to a corrupt state that wields blank checks. In […]

Episode 7: Gold Bonds Are Back, Baby!


Once upon a time, gold bonds were the norm. They effectively financed productive enterprise & generated income for bondholders – until 1933. It took 87 years, but now the gold bond market is reemerging. In this episode John Flaherty & Keith Weiner discuss: . How a gold bond differs from a gold lease Why borrowing […]

Episode 6: Why The Dollar Isn’t Money

Despite what Google Images serves up, money and currency are not the same thing. This view differs from that of mainstream economists, and this episode illustrates how those mainstream misconceptions might materialize to everyday folks. So what is it today that gives the dollar – or any fiat currency – its value? And how do […]