The Gold Exchange Podcast

Episode 7: Gold Bonds Are Back, Baby!


Once upon a time, gold bonds were the norm. They effectively financed productive enterprise & generated income for bondholders – until 1933. It took 87 years, but now the gold bond market is reemerging. In this episode John Flaherty & Keith Weiner discuss: . How a gold bond differs from a gold lease Why borrowing […]

Episode 6: Why The Dollar Isn’t Money

Despite what Google Images serves up, money and currency are not the same thing. This view differs from that of mainstream economists, and this episode illustrates how those mainstream misconceptions might materialize to everyday folks. So what is it today that gives the dollar – or any fiat currency – its value? And how do […]

Episode 5: Why GDP Is A Terrible Measure of Economic Health

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The problem with GDP is that government consumption of private capital is positive. And with the government gradually taking over all aspects of the economy, even a small cut in spending can send workers to the unemployment line and shutter businesses. In this episode, John Flaherty and Keith Weiner discuss why GDP is such a […]

Episode 4: The Dismal Science of Economics

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Economics has been called the dismal science. It doesn’t seem to have the same respect as other fields of “real” scientific study. Why is that? John Flaherty & Keith Weiner discuss a number of reasons. In addition, you’ll learn the all-important variable in modern economics, why the net present value calculation obscured the visibility of […]

Episode 3: The Economic Impact of COVID: Stateless vs Stateful

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“Seems like things are getting back to normal.” Not exactly. Folks with that view are not looking very closely.  In this episode, Keith takes us on a journey through the forest…and the so-called economic recovery that’s currently in play. Using more than one analogy, he illustrates just how unrealistic the “nearly back to normal” expectation […]

Episode 2: One Radical Idea

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After successfully selling his software company in August 2008, Keith Weiner pivoted to the study of economics in an effort to protect his assets. At first, his studies brought enlightenment about our monetary system. Then came the radical idea. In the first half of this episode, Keith and Dickson Buchanan discuss the two main problems […]

Episode 1: The Accidental Economist

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How did a software dropout go on to become a successful entrepreneur…and eventually earn a PhD in economics? In this episode, Addison Quale leads CEO Keith Weiner back through his journey from software geek to economist. They discuss how Ayn Rand’s writings set the stage for understanding monetary economics, why the retirement savings advice given […]