Mickey Fulp Interview: Investing in Interest-Bearing Gold Bonds

Mickey Fulp, aka the Mercenary Geologist, interviewed Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner to discuss the maturity of Monetary Metals’ recent gold bond. Gold bonds are denominated in gold, with principal and interest payable in gold.

Mickey and Keith have a wide ranging discussion which covers the history of gold as money in the United States, including the history of gold bonds, which were commonplace until 1933. Listen to their conversation below.

Highlights of the Interview

– How Monetary Metals is making an old idea new again
– What happened to gold as money in the US?
– How exactly does a gold bond work?
– What companies would borrow in gold
– The benefits of gold bonds to investors
– Who can invest in gold bonds
– How to invest in gold bonds and gold leases with Monetary Metals

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