Monetary Metals Builds Out Its Team of Professionals

New York, NY, October 20, 2016—Monetary Metals announces that it has hired three Relationship Managers. This team works to identify investors who can benefit from the Monetary Metals Gold Exponential Fund, the only fund that offers a yield on gold, paid in gold ounces. The company has set a goal of 60,000 ounces (about two tons) of gold under management in its Gold Exponential Fund by the end of 2017.

The company welcomes on board Daniel Rozzi, who was previously a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley, Dickson Buchanan and Addison Quale who were previously at Schiff Gold. This department is structured to collaborate closely.

“We have incorporated both conventional investment and gold subject matter experts. This team will drive growth of our unique offer of a yield on gold, paid in gold,” said Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals.

Regulatory compliance for sales activity will be supervised by Monetary Metals partner Ashton Stewart & Co., a registered broker dealer, Member FINRA & SIPC.

The Monetary Metals Gold Exponential Fund is a managed, private investment created to meet the needs of sophisticated investors looking to put their gold to work. The Fund seeks to compound investors’ physical gold, while vaulting it outside the banking system to avoid counterparty risk.

About Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals is the pioneer in gold investments. Monetary Metals believes a prudent investment strategy utilizes assets to generate yield, not to speculate. The company’s flagship offering is the Gold Exponential Fund. Monetary Metals also offers a fixed income product, with other investment vehicles under development. Monetary Metals publishes groundbreaking research to help investors understand the emerging role of gold as the ultimate measure of wealth.

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About Daniel Rozzi
Daniel joins Monetary Metals after a career in asset management and private client strategy at Morgan Stanley. With a degree in History and Political Science from the University of Delaware, he has a profound interest in the role of gold throughout history and its potential within the modern global economy.

About Dickson Buchanan
Prior to Monetary Metals, Dickson was the Director of International Development at SchiffGold. He has a Masters in Economics from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where he studied under renowned economists Jesús Huerta de Soto and Juan Ramón Rallo. His interests include monetary theory, capital theory, entrepreneurship, and the history of economics.

About Addison Quale
With an economics degree from Harvard University and an MDIV from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Addison has experience both in investment consulting at Cambridge Associates and in youth ministry. His discovery of the importance of gold led him to SchiffGold, where he was a broker for the last three years.

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  1. pchapuis says:

    Great news! I’ve been wanting to earn interest on my gold for a long time. One question , whenever I see the words “sophisticated investors ” , I think it’s code for “people with a lot of money”. What is the minimal initial investment?

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