Monetary Metals Partners with Alpine Gold Exchange

Monetary Metals® Partners with Alpine Gold Exchange to Offer a Yield on Gold and Silver

Monetary Metals® Partners with Alpine Gold Exchange to Offer a Yield on Gold and Silver

Scottsdale, Ariz – January 19, 2022 – Monetary Metals® is pleased to announce a new partnership with Alpine Gold Exchange. The partnership enables Alpine Gold Exchange’s clients to seamlessly earn a yield on their gold and silver, through Monetary Metals’ leasing program. The partnership kicked off with Monetary Metals’ recent lease to European refiner, L’Orfebre.

Monetary Metals’ leases pay interest on gold and silver, in more ounces of physical metal. Historically, rates have ranged from 2% to 4.5% per annum. Since clients no longer have to pay storage fees, the net benefit to investors is even greater.

“We are excited that UPMA members can now earn interest on their gold,” said Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals. He added, “This win-win partnership gives Alpine Gold Exchange something new to offer, and broadens our reach to a new audience.”

Alpine Gold Exchange, in coordination with the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) serves thousands of gold and silver investors. As part of the partnership with Alpine Gold Exchange, clients can put gold and silver to work in Monetary Metals’ leases directly on their client portal.

“Giving our investors a yield on their precious metals is consistent with our mission to provide viable choices in gold and silver currency. We are very glad to partner with Monetary Metals to provide robust options for our members’ precious metal holdings. We were pleased with the participation in the first gold lease, and we look forward to more participation in future opportunities.” said Mark Hilton, President of Alpine Gold Exchange.

About Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals® is Unlocking the Productivity of Gold™ by offering a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold® to investors, and Gold Financing, Simplified™ to gold-using businesses (mints, miners, refiners, jewelers, etc.). In addition, the company’s market analysis and proprietary charts, including the gold forward rate, are utilized by gold investors and gold-using businesses globally.


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Alpine Gold Exchange

About Alpine Gold Exchange

Alpine Gold Exchange serves the membership of United Precious Metals Association (UPMA). Established in response to the passage of the Utah Specie Legal Tender Act in early 2011, UPMA aims to provide viable choices in currency; offering accounts denominated in U.S. minted gold and silver dollars as well as free Goldback accounts. Members benefit from 0% buy/sell spreads and low vaulting costs.




Mark Hilton, President, Alpine Gold Exchange  • 801-770-2565

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